Holocaust Survivors’ Museum Trip

Feb 13, 2019

 Last month, we funded a trip to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem for a group of 30 Holocaust Survivors who made Aliyah from English-speaking countries. The special day we planned for them included refreshments, a tour of the new exhibits, and a musical performance.

The group saw two new exhibits: “Victory Over the Sun: Russian Avant-Garde and Beyond,” which explored avant-garde trends in Russian art during the 20th century, and “Maimonides: A Legacy in Script,” showing the breadth of the philosopher’s work in various fields and even included his actual signature.

After a wonderful tour of the new exhibits, the survivors were treated to a musical performance. The show featured a compilation of Broadway hits sung in Hebrew and English, and had the English-speaking group in fits of laughter as the performer sang "Do You Love Me?" from Fiddler on the Roof. The group adored this song, singing along and laughing at all the right moments. It was so popular that the singer began to comment on the audience’s reactions during her recital of the song. 

Overall, the day was a great success and brought joy to those survivors who would have otherwise stayed home. Naomi, one of the participants, wrote us to say: "The museum was fantastic. I utterly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for organizing such an event." 

We are blessed to be able to provide an entertaining outing that made so many Holocaust survivors happy.

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