Financial Aid for Terror Victim

Jan 30, 2019

Dina* (*name has been changed) and her three children live in a rental apartment in Eilat. The father of her children lives abroad and has no contact with the family. In 2013, Dina was injured in a fatal terror attack and has since suffered from a disability, causing her financial situation to go downhill. Dina finds it difficult to work consistently, since pain often confines her to bed. The family is surviving on Dina's disability stipend and child support. Recently, after 14 years of renting, Dina was told she had leave the apartment, but she didn’t have the money to move or put a deposit on a new apartment. Vision for Israel will make sure that Dina and her children have a roof over their heads — we are donating the downpayment for their new apartment as well as the first month’s rent. 


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