Aid for Terror Victim Family

Jan 24, 2019

Moriah* (*name has been changed) is the eighth child in a family of 13 who lives in Kiryat Gat in the south of Israel. Since Operation Pillar of Smoke in 2012, Moriah has suffered from anxiety, which only got worse during Operation Protective Edge two years later. Moriah refuses to stay home alone and often experiences nervousness and aggression. When the sirens go off, she freezes and doesn't respond to her surroundings; her body shakes and sometimes she even faints. She was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, and has been receiving psychological and medical treatment, mentoring, and help with her studies.

However, her parents still struggle to support all 11 of their children, and they’re burdened further with the expenses related to Moriah's special needs. Comforting families who’ve been affected by terror attacks is one of Vision for Israel’s top priorities. We have been providing Moriah’s family with financial aid for some time now, and plan to donate a dryer for their home. 

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