Help for Holocaust Survivors

Jan 21, 2019

One of the biggest fears of elderly people who live alone is being in an emergency situation with no one there to help them. Panic buttons provide the assurance they need and help to ease those fears. Many Holocaust survivors in Israel live by themselves and don't often have family and friends to support them. The ability to call for help with a panic button is essential and gives them a sense of security. In cases of physical or emotional distress, a panic button can save their life.

Vision for Israel supplies hundreds of Holocaust survivors with subscriptions to panic button services. The subscription includes free installation and for a small fee, access to the following services 365 days per year: doctor visits, ambulance evacuations, 24-hour phone consultations, and a security patrol that’s available at any time. 

We have received many reports of the panic buttons saving lives. One story was about a service representative who called a subscriber as part of the "Phone a Friend" program. When the representative asked the woman how she was feeling, she said that she felt weak and dizzy, and had stomach pain. It turned out that the elderly women hadn't left her house in several days. A doctor was sent to her home, diagnosed her with dehydration, and she was taken to the hospital by ambulance to receive medical treatment.

We are deeply touched by these stories and feel grateful to be able to provide this service to the elderly Holocaust survivors in our community.

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