Sustainability & Support: Helping Our Special Needs Community

Jan 14, 2019

Even when it comes to responsibly disposing of our “e-waste,” Vision for Israel makes the most of the situation by supporting those in need. 

Over the last few years, our organization has accumulated a significant amount of electronic waste that needed to be discarded. We chose to partner with a recycling plant that employs people with disabilities, who work to disassemble and recycle the electric and electronic equipment (also known as “e-waste”). We are happy to do our part in helping the environment while supporting the beloved people in our community with special needs.

You might be surprised to learn that no less than 17% of the population is afflicted with physical, emotional, and mental disabilities. The challenges of living with a disability include loneliness, as well as extreme difficulty integrating into society and sustaining finances. When school ends for those enrolled in special education, many find themselves without an occupational framework or the opportunity for further education, which affects them both financially and emotionally.

Several recent initiatives have been launched to provide solutions to this segment of the population, including different local factories offering employment according to individuals’ abilities. Not only do these jobs give the disabled much-needed wages, but also a sense of worth knowing that they have something important to contribute.

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