Good Eats: Words of Gratitude for Our Food Security Mission

Jan 14, 2019

It is hard to believe that many schools don’t receive a budget for the nutritional security of their students. They must rely on charitable donations to supply the children with the most basic necessity of food, which is essential to their academic success.

In December, we made the last donation of 2018 toward nutritional security for children and youth in need. One of the school principals recently wrote to thank us:

"Most of our students come from multi-problem families, whose financial and functional condition is not at its best, to say the least... Most of them arrive at school without breakfast from home and wait for lunch to be served at 1pm. To my great joy, and thanks to your generous donation, we are now able to provide our students with breakfast as well. I must tell you that the fact that they come and eat breakfast contributes a lot to their ability to concentrate and improves their chances of succeeding in their studies. As a school that has been working for years with youth at risk, we witness the significant effect that succeeding in school has on the futures of our boys and girls."

At Vision for Israel, we strive to reach as many at-risk children as possible, and provide what we can to support their nutritional security.

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