Warm Welcome: Delivering Blankets & Mats to At-Risk Children

Jan 9, 2019

At-risk children and youth are minors who have been removed from their homes due to neglect or abuse. Thousands of these children live in sheltering homes called Bayit Cham ("warm home" in Hebrew) throughout Israel. There, loving teams care for them and provide the emotional and physical support that has been missing from their young lives, including hot meals, enrichment, life skills, values and normative social surroundings.

Vision for Israel supports and invests many resources in at-risk children and youth, both through the "warm homes" and within the educational system. Our goal is to help them escape the poverty cycle, and grow into independent, responsible adults who are able to give back to society. We advocate for these children's nutritional security, and provide backpacks, academic equipment, scholarships, and cultural events. 

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