Abortion Was Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide In 2018

Jan 3, 2019

“Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, ‘But we knew nothing about this,’  does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it?” Prov. 24:11-12

ABORTION WAS LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH WORLDWIDE IN 2018: More human beings died in abortions than any other cause of death in 2018, a new report indicates. A heartbreaking reminder about the prevalence of abortion, statistics compiled by Worldometers indicate that there were nearly 42 million abortions world-wide in 2018. Breitbart contrasted the abortion numbers to other causes of death, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, traffic accidents and suicide, and found that abortions far outnumbered every other cause. As of December 31, 2018, there have been some 41.9 million abortions performed in the course of the year, the report revealed. By contrast, 8.2 million people died from cancer in 2018, 5 million from smoking, and 1.7 million died of HIV/AIDS. Globally, just under a quarter of all pregnancies (23%) were ended by abortion in 2018, and for every 33 live births, ten infants were aborted. Researchers estimate about 59 million deaths world-wide in 2018, but that number does not include unborn babies’ abortion deaths.

Unborn babies are not recognized as human beings even though biology indicates that they are unique, living human beings from the moment of conception and they die brutal, violent deaths in abortions. The abortion number is incomprehensible, but each of those 42 million abortions represents a living human being whose life was violently destroyed in their mother’s womb. Each unborn baby already had their own unique DNA, making them distinct from their mother. That DNA indicated if the child was a boy or girl, their eye and hair color, their height, possible genetic disorders and other disabilities, and much more. In most cases, the unborn babies’ hearts are beating when they are aborted, too. In America, just under 1 million babies are aborted every year. Though abortion rates have been dropping in the past decade, abortion remains the leading cause of death in the United States as well. (Life News)  Intercede that laws will be changed.

NIKKI HALEY SLAMS UNESCO AS USA, ISRAEL QUIT UN AGENCY: On Tues. 1 Jan. 2019, one day after the USA and Israel officially quit UNESCO over anti-Israel bias, exiting USA Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley tweeted, "UNESCO is among the most corrupt and politically biased UN agencies. The USA withdrawal from this cesspool is now official." Israel has been infuriated by UNESCO resolutions that ignore and diminish its historical connection to the Holy Land. Paris-based UNESCO, which supports various educational and cultural projects around the world, has been denounced by critics for naming ancient Jewish sites as Palestinian heritage sites. Israeli UN envoy Danny Danon said Tuesday that his country "will not be a member of an organization whose goal is to deliberately act against us, and that has become a tool manipulated by Israel's enemies. UNESCO is a body that continually rewrites history, including by erasing the Jewish connection to Jerusalem," said Danon. (Fox)

TRUMP GIVES NO TIMETABLE FOR SYRIA EXIT; WANTS TO PROTECT KURDS: President Donald Trump said Wed. 2 Jan. 2019 the USA would get out of Syria slowly "over a period of time" and would protect USA-backed Kurdish fighters in the country as Washington draws down troops. Trump said he had never set a reported four-month timetable for the withdrawal of American troops. "We're getting out and we're getting out smart. I never said I'm getting out tomorrow," Trump said. "We want to protect the Kurds, but I don't want to be in Syria forever. It's sand. And it's death." (Reuters)

KHAMENEI: PALESTINIANS WILL ESTABLISH GOVERNMENT IN TEL AVIV: Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, predicted on Mon. 31 Dec. 2018 that Palestinian Arabs will eventually establish a government in Tel Aviv. “Palestine will remain powerful and the Palestinian nation’s final victory will take place in the near future,” said Khamenei. He added, “As long as there is resistance, the Zionist regime’s downfall and demise will continue. During the past years, the Palestinian people’s victory was not to establish a government in Tel Aviv, which will eventually be realized, but the main victory was bringing the Zionist regime to knees, a feat that Arab armies could never accomplish,” continued Khamenei. He referred to the recent escalation in Gaza, during which Gazan terrorist groups fired nearly 500 rockets at southern Israel in one day, claiming Israel saw an overwhelming response that forced it to call for a truce after only two days. He said also that Iran will never back away from supporting “Palestine” despite the heavy pressure from the world’s “arrogant” powers. The Supreme Leader has several times in the past referred to the Jewish state as a “cancer” and threatened to "annihilate" the cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa. (Arutz-7) “The king of Israel answered, 'One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.'" 1 Kings 20:11

IRANIAN MULLAHS LOCK ON POWER IS SHAKIER THAN EVER: A year ago, Iranians poured into their streets to denounce ¬Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and call for an end to his brutal ¬regime. Protests have continued ¬unabated since, though these are smaller in number and less visible to foreign ¬media. Still entrenched and viciously clinging to life, the Islamic Republic is nevertheless more vulnerable than it has ever been since the 1979 revolution. Today, unpaid factory workers, teachers, farmers and truck drivers are some of the most organized and motivated anti-regime forces. The southwestern city of Ahvaz experienced anti-regime labor protests last month. Truck drivers were also on nationwide strikes for much of 2018, blocking major roadways and access to gas stations over low pay and rising tolls. Farmers in Isfahan, in central Iran, have turned their backs against regime clerics during Friday prayers and chanted: “Our back to the enemy, our faces to our nation.” Another favorite slogan: “They say our enemy is America, when the real enemy is right here” — meaning the mullahs.

The sources of popular anger vary, from water shortages to economic collapse to frustration with social restrictions. Most important, recent years have disabused Iranians of the illusion of “reform” peddled by so-called moderates like President Hassan Rouhani. The people have learned that such rhetoric only masks the country’s environmental, economic and social devastation ¬under the mullahs. Today the ¬regime confronts a crisis without precedent, owing to the sheer breadth of social discontent. Even insiders such as former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believe that Iran may soon face a complete revolution. (NY Post)

POLL: ISRAELIS ARE TIRED: The Central Bureau of Statistics has published data on the subject of sleep among Israeli citizens aged 20 and over, showing only 25 percent sleep the recommended eight hours or more. Fifty-eight percent get either six or seven hours sleep. Twelve percent reported worries have interfered with sleep frequently in the past year. Fifty-four percent feel tired during the day and 14% feel very tired. Seven percent took prescription medications for sleep, 4% of them every night or almost every night. (INN) Pray that the levels of sleep disorders in Israel will not lead to the increased use of dangerous opiate medications to ward off sleeplessness during the night hours. Also, Israelis, like many residing in the West and the Middle East nations, need to exercise more and to curb growing levels of obesity. Egypt, for one, has the biggest weight problem of the world's 20 most populous countries.

NEW RAMON AIRPORT TO OPEN THIS MONTH: Israel will inaugurate a new international airport in the south of the country near the Red Sea later this month, the transport minister announced on Tues. 1 Jan. 2019. The Ramon airport will begin with only domestic flights before gradually moving toward full operation, said Transport Minister Yisrael Katz. The inauguration ceremony will be held on 21 Jan. 2019 with PM Netanyahu in attendance. The airport will be some 11 miles from the Israeli Red Sea resort of Eilat and near the Jordanian port of Aqaba. It will be able to initially handle up to two million passengers annually, but is expected to expand to a capacity of 4.2 million by 2030. The new airport is named after Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut who died when the space shuttle Columbia broke apart on reentry in 2003. (INN)

DECEMBER: RECORD MONTH FOR RAIN: According to Israel’s Meteorological Service a number of stations in Samaria and the coastal plain recorded Dec. 2018 rainfall quantities unseen in those areas since Dec. 1991. The month was also characterized by a multiplicity of rain days compared to the average for December. For example, the coastal plain recorded 18-19 days of rain, compared with 9-11 days generally. At this early stage of the precipitation season, about half of the annual amount of rainfall fell around the country, with most of the winter still ahead. (Arutz-7) Pray for continued abundant precipitation throughout Israel’s rainy season. Many of Israel’s lakes, riverbeds and aquifers are at unprecedented 100-year lows, with the Sea of Galilee dangerously close to its “black line,” the level below the intake pipes of the water pumps that send the lake’s water to nearby towns.

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