A Hanukkah Miracle: Thousands of Food Packages for the Hungry

Nov 30, 2018

Several months ago, we received a large donation of dry food supplies that had to be mixed with additional dry ingredients before distributing to needy families. Since then, we’ve been in continual contact with a couple who has experience in the process of making the food mixture, and expressed a desire to come to Israel and help us. However, we still needed another 20 pairs of hands to prepare and pack this large quantity of food.

This past week, just before Hanukkah, a miracle happened. Unexpectedly, we heard from friends that a group of 23 Israel-loving tourists was coming to Israel and eager to volunteer some of their time. The group's organizer told us that they were enthusiastic about traveling to Israel as long as they could also volunteer. We were excited to meet these dear people, who chose to give up two days of their trip to join us in service. 

The tourist group worked diligently to prepare a record-breaking 20,000 food packages! Each package contained six nutritious portions. Once again, we were able to witness that things work out wherever there is love and a desire to help. 

If you have a group coming to Israel and would like to volunteer with us, please get in touch. Never miss an opportunity to help and do unto others.

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