Volunteer Diary: A Day at the Millennium Center

Nov 29, 2018

Vision for Israel’s mission to provide for our brothers and sisters in need is only possible with your help. We’re incredibly grateful to the generosity of our volunteers, who give of themselves and donate their time to our outreach programs. 

(The report below was written by a VFI volunteer. Some names have been changed.)


Today, David*, Sarah* and I set off for Modi’in to volunteer with Vision for Israel. We got to Modi’in around 1:20 in the afternoon, where a VFI staff member named Ariel picked us up. He worked with us a few weeks ago when Sarah, Daniel*, and I were there. I showed David around very quickly before eating lunch and beginning work. The last time we were here, the group was asked to clear out a room so that shelves could be installed. Today, Ariel had us put everything back into the room and organize the shelves. We also worked on reorganizing two pallets of linens and clothing. Once we finished, we cleaned up after ourselves, took out the trash, and made dinner in fellowship with one another. After dinner, we played a few games of Hearts before settling in for the night.

One thing I will say is that both Sarah and I felt like we were coming back home. It felt like we were back in a place that did truly feel like home. I was really excited to return and ready to help our fellow believers in the work they are doing! We are all tired after traveling and looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

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