Iran Must Not Have Nuclear Weapons

Oct 8, 2018

“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” 1 Tim. 2:1-2

GERMAN CHANCELLOR MERKEL IN JERUSALEM: IRAN MUST NOT HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Jerusalem on Thur. 4 Oct. 2018 that Israel and Germany share the view that everything must be done to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. "The threat to Israel from Iran has become stronger due to its presence in Syria", Merkel said, noting that Iranian troops had been close to the Golan Heights border with Israel. Merkel dismissed as "fake news" reports that she had conditioned her arrival in Israel on a delay in the planned resettlement of residents of the illegal Bedouin encampment of Khan al-Ahmar. "It is an internal Israeli decision. It is up to the Israeli government and we did not intervene," Merkel said. (J. Post)

WHITE HOUSE UNDERCUTS PALESTINIAN SUIT OVER JERUSALEM MOVE: The Trump administration has withdrawn the USA from an international agreement currently serving as the basis for a Palestinian lawsuit against Washington at the International Court of Justice. USA national security adviser John Bolton told reporters at the White House that the president authorized withdrawal from the Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, while remaining party to the overall treaty. This, Bolton said was done in order to undercut “politicized litigation” from the “so-called state of Palestine,” currently challenging the USA for its relocation of the USA embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. “We will commence a review of all international agreements that may still expose the USA to purported binding jurisdiction dispute resolutions in the International Court of Justice,” Bolton said, also outlining a similar move on a treaty at the core of litigation with Iran. Bolton said the moves were less about Iran or the Palestinians and more about the ICJ, which he and the Trump team considers an “ineffective” body without jurisdiction over the USA. Bolton has similarly targeted the International Criminal Court. (J.Post)

HELPING ISRAEL’S POOR DURING INCREASINGLY TROUBLED TIMES: Please continue to enable us to assist terrorist victims, children at risk, the elderly, entire households suffering from poverty and others in need in Israel. Your generous donations are vital and appreciated at For residents in the UK and outside N. America visit our website at

JOHN BOLTON: ‘PALESTINE’ IS NOT A STATE: USA National Security Adviser John Bolton announced Wed. 3 Oct. 2018 at a White House press briefing that the USA had decided to leave the optional protocol on dispute resolution of the UN's Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations. The protocol provides a mechanism whereby signatory states may take each other to the International Court of Justice to settle diplomatic disputes. Bolton explained that the move was brought about by “the so-called state of Palestine” challenging the move of the USA embassy to Jerusalem at the international court, stating bluntly that "Palestine" is not a state. "It's not a state now. It does not meet the customary international law test of statehood," he said. "It doesn't control defined boundaries. It doesn't fulfill normal functions of government. There are a whole host of reasons why it's not a state. It could become a state, as the president said, but that requires diplomatic negotiations with Israel and others," he added. "We have consistently, across Democratic and Republican administrations, opposed the admission of 'Palestine' to the UN as a state, because it's not a state." (Arutz-7) “May all who hate Zion be turned back in shame. May they be like grass on the roof, which withers before it can grow.” Ps. 129:5-6

USA CANCELS 1955 TREATY WITH IRAN: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on 3 Oct. 2018 that the United States is terminating the Treaty of Amity reached with Iran in pre-revolutionary days, calling it an “absolute absurdity” given the tensions between the two countries. The impetus for the United States tearing up the treaty was a decision earlier that day in the International Court of Justice, which ordered the Trump administration to lift some sanctions on Iran. The top UN court, which is in The Hague, does not have the power to enforce its decisions, which are usually ignored by the United States anyway. “We ought to have pulled out of it decades ago,” Pompeo said, calling it “39 years overdue” in a reference to the 1979 revolution in Iran. “Today marked a useful point for us to demonstrate the absolute absurdity of the Treaty of Amity between the United States and the Islamic Republic.” The court told the United States that it should lift a number of sanctions that were re-imposed after President Trump announced in May 2018 that he would withdraw from the landmark nuclear agreement with Iran. A more punishing round of sanctions against Iran’s oil and financial sectors is scheduled to take effect on 4 Nov. 2018, and the United States is warning allies that they could face secondary sanctions if they continue to do business with Iran. (Washington Post)

FORTH HEZBOLLAH MISSILE SITE REVELED: Thousands of residents in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, received a message with a satellite image and a warning about a Hezbollah rocket-enhancement site in the region, media sources reported on 3 Oct. 2018. According to the report, the IDF exposed another missile improvement plant and picture's show that it is in the heart of a neighborhood. This is a fourth site, which is in addition to the three sites uncovered in PM Netanyahu's speech at the UN General Assembly, in which he described weapons factories operating in population centers without the knowledge of the residents. The fourth site is located in the heart of a residential neighborhood, next to a school and a hospital and a small distance from a large university and the offices of the Spanish embassy in Beirut. The IDF sent pictures of the site to the residents of the area, in an attempt to make the local population aware of the dangers it faces. (Arutz-7)

FRENCH GOVERNMENT SUSPENDS DEMAND FOR ‘SETTLEMENT’ PRODUCT LABELING: French authorities have suspended their insistence on special labeling for Judea & Samaria products following a lawsuit alleging that the practice is discriminatory. The France office of NGO Amnesty International complained about the suspension. “Instead of complying with the request to end imports from the Judea & Samaria, the government has chosen to roll back and suspend the demand for labeling.” The measure was initially adopted in 2016. That year, the French Economy Ministry’s General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Prevention published circulars requiring retailers to use the word “colonies,” French for “settlements,” to specify goods originating in Israeli communities in the Golan Heights, Judea & Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. Israel considers the Golan and all of Jerusalem an integral part of its territory, as well as Judea & Samaria disputed land where most Jewish settlements are legal municipal entities. But much of the world, including the European Union and its member states, views the land as occupied and the settlements as illegal.

In 2015, the European Commission adopted binding regulations requiring such labeling. However, the commission has no recourse against countries that do not apply the regulations and no lawsuit has been brought to date against a vendor who declined to apply them. France’s major supermarket chains apply no special labeling for settlement goods. Israel has vocally protested the passing of these regulations. Earlier this year The LawfareProject, a pro-Israel think tank, initiated a legal action challenging the labeling requirements on behalf of PsagotWinery LTD, an Israeli vineyard whose European distributors are subject to the labeling rules. In France, the legal action in May 2018 prompted the Council of State, which is the government’s legal adviser, to ask the European Court of Justice for its opinion on the legal status of labeling. (JTA)

ISRAEL’S SENIOR CITIZENS HAPPY WITH THEIR LIVES: Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published data showing that most of Israel's senior citizens are happy with their lives. Israel currently has over one million senior citizens, 42% of whom are over age 75. The number of Israelis aged over 65 years has been gradually climbing since 1948, when they represented just 4% of the population: In 2017, senior citizens represented 11.6% of the population, and in 2040, they are expected to represent 14% of Israelis, or almost two million people. Sixty percent of senior citizens are widows or widowers. Approximately 24,000 seniors live in a home with one other person who is not a relative (usually an aide). When asked about their health, 43% said their health wasn't so good or was not good at all. However, when polled, 85% of seniors said they were happy with their lives and 22% were "very happy" with their lives. (INN) “Even to your old age, I am He, and even to gray hairs I will carry you! I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you.” Isa. 46.4

KAVANAUGH SWORN INTO SUPREME COURT: Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and former Justice Anthony Kennedy on Saturday evening 6 Oct. 2018 swore Brett Kavanaugh in as an associate justice to the Supreme Court in a private ceremony. The ceremony took place only hours after the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh in a narrow 50-48 vote. The swearing-in was scheduled "so that he can begin to participate in the work of the court immediately," the Supreme Court said in a statement. “We’re very happy about it. Great decision. I very much appreciate those 50 great votes. And I think he’s going to go down as a totally brilliant Supreme Court justice for many years. He was chosen for the reason of his temperament, his incredible past, his outstanding years on the court. He just had an outstanding record. A brilliant scholar—totally brilliant scholar, ” Trump told reporters earlier Saturday. The Senate vote on Kavanaugh brought an end to a raucous nomination process defined by testimony from a woman who claims Kavanaugh tried to rape her when they were teenagers -- and his fiery rebuttal. The brutal hearing sparked a supplemental FBI investigation into Kavanaugh's background and a week-long delay of the Senate vote. The vote was made possible after Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who initially delayed Kavanaugh’s nomination, announced Friday 5 Oct. 2018 that he would vote to confirm him. (Arutz-7)Thank you to all who have prayed that the slander and accusations against Brett Kavanaugh would not prevail. His appointment to the Supreme Court is an important victory towards a righteous government team in the USA. Intercessors continue to pray also for the USA 6 Nov. 2018 mid-term elections - that men and women of integrity and capability will be placed in office.

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Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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