Caring for Families

Aug 8, 2018

Sadly, many families in Israel suffer from financial distress that prevents them from living in dignity and causes them to face unbearable challenges. Many families have no money left for their sustenance after paying rent. They suffer from lack of food, toiletries, clothing, and often furniture and appliances. Many of our recipients are elderly, and some are single parents of young children and find it difficult to provide their basic needs.

Vision for Israel helps these families and supports them on a regular basis by providing them with magnetic gift cards to purchase food, toiletries, and clothes. We also provide appliances and furniture as needed.

Recently, our team went out to give the financial gifts to the families. The team was excited to meet the families and was welcomed warmly. We received many words of thanks for the financial aid, which makes it possible for these precious people to continue living and saves them from the pain of hunger. We look forward to meeting many more families in the future.

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