Technology for a Better Future

Aug 8, 2018

Recently, Vision for Israel started cooperating on different projects with Eitan school in Ma’aleh Adumim. 

Many of the students who attend Eitan come from low socio-economic backgrounds, and about 25% are new immigrants who are dealing with social, lingual and financial difficulties. 

Students who finish their studies with only a partial diploma have difficulties entering the job market, since they cannot continue on to higher education and have no profession.  Therefore, the school’s principals decided to offer two new technological courses:  graphic design and robotics.  The students can continue to study in these courses for two more years, through grades 13 and 14, so that, when they start their adult lives, they will have a profession to enter into.

The school was facing a problem, however, in equipping the classrooms with the expensive technology needed for these courses.  The school only had seven laptops for 60 students, and the number of students is expected to double next year! 

We received a request for help from Eitan.  It is our goal to advance education in Israel, so we were delighted to join in the effort and purchase 23 new laptops for the school.

This is another one of the many things we do to help young people build a better future.

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