Food Baskets for the Needy

Oct 28, 2021

Small Kindnesses Can Have Big Results | Vision for Israel

As you know, our team is constantly serving our community. Whether we are giving backpacks to children or funding medical vehicles, God’s work through you is ongoing.

The delivery of aid to families this week was particularly interesting. We took supplies and food baskets to about 50 families in downtown Jerusalem. The baskets were heavy, and there were no safe spaces to park and unload. In the end, we had to recruit willing passersby to distribute the baskets to the waiting families. Though it was no small job, these people responded to our plea and helped us carry the baskets to the distribution point.

Families gathered their baskets, thanked us, and went home to cook their meals. However, while we were distributing we received a call from a woman. She was on our list to receive a food basket, but she had a special request. She could not take any dry food, only fresh and ready-to-eat items. This is because she was recently evicted from her home, and had taken to living in a nearby park. She had no stove to cook on, no kitchen to prepare anything in, and no hope of returning to her home. Her financial situation would prevent her from moving back in. We were able to bless her with a gift card so she could purchase food items that fit her situation.

God works in mysterious ways. This woman became a reminder from Him that every person we meet is facing a unique and personal struggle. Though we are all human, we all have different problems and issues to overcome. While we can’t pretend to understand this woman’s experience with homelessness, our heart goes out to her and her family.

This work can be difficult, but we are constantly encouraged by the fact that our service and our gifts truly mean something. Your help allowed this woman to eat and gave her a basic necessity that she had otherwise been denied. Anything we can do, any kindness we can extend, makes a difference. When we walk in God’s light and do good in His name, we make the world a better place.

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