Lone Soldiers

Close to 6,000 of the Israeli Defense Soldiers are lone soldiers who serve far away from their biological families. About half of the lone soldiers are children of families who live outside of Israel. Many of them leave relatives, friends and a comfortable life abroad and come to Israel motivated to serve and support the nation. Others are Israelis who cannot live in their homes because of extreme poverty or broken families. These lone soldiers often serve in combat units in the IDF.

As opposed to other soldiers who go home to their families for the weekend, lone soldiers go back to an empty apartment. They don’t have parents to hug them, wash and iron their uniform, cook dinner for them and mostly, no one to support them. Even though the IDF helps pay for rent, many soldiers find it difficult to deal with the financial burden. At Vision for Israel, we appreciate the sacrifice of the lone soldiers, so caring for them became one of our outreach projects. We work closely with Yachad United for Israel’s Soldiers by providing large travel backpacks, care packages and financial aid that will help the soldiers during their service.

In addition to the donations given to lone soldiers, Vision for Israel provides support to all IDF soldiers by donating essential supplies, personal care items and renovating recreation rooms in different bases. We salute our soldiers and will continue our endeavor to improve their lives.

Our goal is $25,000
To care for IDF lone soldiers and provide for their basic needs.
The numbers that are displayed above are only based on donations collected on this website and on the VFI mobile app.
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