Yiddish Cafe

Last week, a fair was held in a beautiful neighbourhood in Jerusalem, Emek Refa'eem. Thousands of people attended the event, and Cafe Europa (the English-speaking group of Holocaust survivors) had a booth at the fair called Yiddish Cafe, or Coffee in Yiddish, located in the centre. The booth hosted diverse activities that represented the culture of the Eastern European Jews before World War II. The activities included Yiddish blues music, a European Jewish dance workshop from the 20s, European food served by a waiter dressed in European-style clothes, and a lecture about the Holocaust survivors' rights and how they can best utilize them.
Vision for Israel sponsored the activities in the booth, including a band performance that was enjoyed by all. For the survivors, who often feel pushed to the edge of society, this was a very empowering experience, and we were happy to be part of it.