"We Cannot Allow Holocaust Denial"

“Be strong and take heart all you who hope in the Lord.” Ps 31: 24

NETANYAHU: "WE CANNOT ALLOW HOLOCAUST DENIAL”: PM Benjamin Netanyahu recently condemned new legislation in Poland which bars any mention of crimes by the "Polish nation" during the Holocaust, calling on Israel's ambassador in Warsaw to meet with the Polish prime minister on the contentious bill. "The law is baseless. I strongly oppose it. History cannot be changed and it is forbidden to deny the Holocaust. I ordered the Israeli embassy in Poland to meet with the Polish Prime Minister and express my firm stand against the law," Netanyahu said. President Reuven Rivlin also criticized the bill, saying that "on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, more than ever, and above all considerations, we are faced with our duty to remember our brothers and sisters who were murdered. Last week the Polish parliament approved a controversial law forbidding any mention of participation of the "Polish nation" in crimes committed during the Holocaust. The law also forbids use of the term "Polish death camp" to describe the death camps where Jews and others were murdered in Nazi-occupied Poland during the Second World War. Anyone who violates the new law, will be liable to a fine or imprisonment for up to three years. (Ha’aretz)

TRUMP ENVOY ‘DEEPLY ANGERED BY HAMAS TERRORISM’: White House special envoy Jason Greenblatt toured the Israel-Gaza border area on Sunday 28 Jan. 2018 accompanied by the IDF’s Major General Yoav Mordechai. Greenblatt visited one of the recently discovered Hamas terror tunnels, which extends from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip into Israel, and received a comprehensive security briefing regarding the threats emanating from Gaza. Shortly after the tour, Greenblatt tweeted his condemnation of Hamas, saying the terror group “wastes resources” on tunnels & rockets to attack Israel, instead of helping the people of Gaza by getting the lights on, the water flowing & the economy growing. Hamas spews hateful rhetoric & foments a vicious cycle of violence. I am deeply angered by Hamas’ continued terror activity. Such actions show Hamas’ continued exploitation of the people of Gaza and Hamas’ threats to stability and security in the region. Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and other extremists continue to build up their military strength at the expense of the civilian population, causing danger to the people of Gaza, Israel, and Egypt.” (Arutz-7)

ISRAELI PM NETANYAHU FLIES TO MOSCOW FOR TALKS WITH RUSSIAN PRESIDENT PUTIN : PM Netanyahu flew to Moscow on Monday 29 Jan. 2017, to discuss Israeli concerns about any expansion of Iran’s military foothold in Syria with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Netanyahu said he would discuss with President Putin Iran’s relentless efforts to establish a military presence in Syria, which Israel strongly opposes and is taking action against. Netanyahu explained that he and Putin “meet periodically in order to ensure the military coordination between the Israel Defense Forces and the Russian forces in Syria.” Russia intervened in the Syrian Civil War on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in 2015. Iranian forces, Hezbollah and other Shi’ite Muslim militias also back Assad. Israel fears Iran could be left with a permanent garrison in Syria, extending a threat posed from neighboring Lebanon by Hezbollah, which has an extensive missile arsenal and last fought a war with the IDF in 2006. Netanyahu said he also planned to discuss with Putin “Iran’s effort to turn Lebanon into one giant missile site, a site for precision missiles against the State of Israel, which we will not tolerate. (Arutz-7)

NETANYAHU TO PUTIN: ‘WE MUST TAKE A STRONG, TIMELY STAND AGAINST MURDEROUS IDEOLOGIES’: PM Benjamin met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on 29 Jan. 2018 and tied the fight against Iran's nuclear ambitions and terror support to the fight against Nazi Germany in World War II. "I think that the main lesson of the rise of the Nazis and—afterwards—their defeat, is that one needs to take a strong and timely stand against murderous ideologies," Netanyahu told Putin during a meeting at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow. "This is also our mission today, and it is to this end that I want to speak with you about our common efforts to promote security and stability in our region, and - of course - the cooperation between Russia and Israel," Netanyahu added. At the beginning of their meeting, Netanyahu told the Russian president, "I very much appreciate this invitation and your personal appearance in this place, which reflects our common struggle against the greatest evil that humanity has known, and the awful price paid by my people, the Jewish people, and the Russian people and the great sacrifice of 20 million Russians alongside our 6 million, and the heroism of the Red Army in achieving victory over the Nazis." (Ynet)

ASSAD: “ATTACK AGAIN, AND I’LL LAUNCH A MISSILE AT BEN GURION AIRPORT”: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sent a threat to Israel through Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that if Israel attacked targets in the country again, Syria would respond by firing Scud missiles at Ben-Gurion Airport. "Syrian honor is above all else," Assad told Putin, who replied that he would convey the message to Israel. Media outlets belonging to the Syrian opposition and rebels reported that the targets of the last attack - believed to be carried out by Israel - were ammunition depots in which long-range missiles were stored. The Syrian Center for Human Rights said that weapons warehouses belonging to the Hezbollah terror group and the Syrian army were damaged in the attack and that there was a fire and damage to the buildings. It also said that no injuries were reported as a result of the assaults. (Arutz-7) Syria is one of Israel’s most menacing foes. Iran is its strongest ally. Syria and the Islamic Republic are the two leading supporters of global terrorist groups, including Hezbollah and Hamas that have thousands of long-range missiles pointed at every major city and population center in the Jewish state. And yet Israel heart is so often displayed in its willingness to provide medical and humanitarian aid to the Syrian people who are caught up in the continuing cross-border upheaval. Please maintain your strong intercession for the safety of Israel’s northern border communities and those who serve in the IDF in that area.

CONSIDER A FINANCIAL GIFT FOR GOD’S BELOVED PEOPLE, ISRAEL: Vision for Israel continues to impart comfort and provision for many of the nation’s poor, including terrorist victims and their families, the elderly and Holocaust survivors, children at risk and entire households suffering from poverty. Please give generously at www.visionforisrael.com. For residents in the UK and outside N. America visit our website at www.josephstorehouse.co.uk. Thank you for your donations.

IRAN SPENDS BILLIONS ON WEAPONS PROGRAMS, TERRORISM WHILE IGNORING IRANIANS’ BASIC NEEDS: A report, issued by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), states that the Jan. 2018 uprising against the regime was due to what it says are the “grueling high prices and economic strains on an array of social sectors.” It claims that this is a result of the regime putting its resources “toward domestic suppression, warmongering and expansion of terrorism abroad,” which has led to poverty and deprivation among Iranians. The report states that over the years Khamenei has taken over the “bulk of Iran’s economy." It claims that the organizations and institutions, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), show that Khamenei-controlled-companies make up over 50% of Iran’s gross domestic product.

The report compares what it calls funding for “warmongering and suppression” against other state expenditures. It claims Iran’s total health care budget for 2018 is $16.3 billion, which is a third of its total war budget. The report also reveals that for the last six years the total spent on its Syrian activities is around $15-20 billion a year. It describes how protesters shouted during the January protests, “Leave Syria, think about us, I dedicate my life to Iran.” The report also compares paltry welfare payments made to those living under absolute poverty with the larger sums of money paid to Afghan mercenaries bankrolled by Iran to fight in Syria. According to statements made by Afghan mercenaries, each mercenary is paid between $600-700 a month. Doing the math, nearly 20,000 Afghan mercenaries cost the regime $12-$14 million a month. Compare that to the nearly $70 monthly stipend Iranians living under the absolute poverty line receive, according to the report. (Fox)

ISRAEL IS APPROACHING A SEVERE WATER CRISIS: Despite recent rains, Israel is headed for long-term shortage, the Water Authority warns. Amid growing signs of a long-term water crisis, the Israel Water Authority and the government water company Mekorot have devised a plan to ensure enough water for homes and farms at a cost of 7.5 billion shekel ($2.2 billion) through 2050. Even if 2018 proves sufficiently rainy to avoid the declaration of a fifth straight drought year, Israel will remain in crisis mode. “It doesn’t make a different whether this year is declared a drought year or not, the government must prepare a strategic plan determining how much water we need over the next five years and how we can obtain it,” said one source . Officials are concerned about the Western Galilee, which is waiting for a new desalination plant. “We could reach a situation in the next year in which in some areas no water will come from the faucet, mainly in the Western Galilee,” said one source at Mekorot. The emergency program, put together over the last month and a half, addresses the medium- to long-term problems facing Israel with four measures: new drilling to take water from aquifers, new desalination plants, pumping water into Lake Kinneret and reducing water consumption. (Ha’aretz)

ISRAEL TO SUPPLY ELECTRICITY FOR GAZA SEWAGE TREATMENT WATER DESALINATION: Israel's Water Authority signed an agreement with the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company last week to supply electricity to operate a sewage treatment facility in northern Gaza. The $75 million project was funded by the World Bank and several donor countries. The facility is to become fully operational within two months and will serve 300,000 Gazans. Israel will also supply power to the $40 million EU-funded Khan Yunis desalination plant. Preventing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza "is a clear Israeli interest on the security, diplomatic and moral levels," said Alon Shoster, head of Israel's Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council. (Ynet) Gaza’s Hamas leaders could have funded their own facility for sewage treatment and water desalination – if they hadn’t been so intent on building terrorist tunnels. Israel is always amazingly merciful to their enemies who try again and again to destroy them.

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