Students Visit Mini Israel

An elementary school in Jerusalem enrols 130 students with learning disabilities who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds, many who grow up in boarding schools or foster families. The school acts as a loving home and provides for all their needs. Vision for Israel has been supporting this school for a few years, and we recently donated a visit to the Mini Israel park. It was the first time that the students were able to visit the park.

The day began with breakfast, and when the kids were told that Vision for Israel sponsored the visit, they clapped and cheered with excitement. Batya wished the children much joy and happiness, especially with the approaching feast of Purim. One of the kids, an eight-year-old boy, greeted Batya and said, "May you always succeed and be able to give. Thank you with all my heart. You are good people. We bless you." Batya was very moved because this boy has severe disabilities, and still he was able to express his gratitude and appreciation to Vision for Israel.

The visit in the park was fascinating. It was adapted for the kids and integrated advanced technology. The park has hundreds of models of sites and landmarks from all over Israel, weaved with tiny figures and native vegetation.

At the end, the kids watched a 3D movie about Israel from a bird's eye view. The children enjoyed the tour, and we know it enriched their knowledge. They returned home happy at the end of the day, and we pray for many more happy days to come.