Scholarships to Students - Victims of Terror

Over the last three years, Vision for Israel has been working with the Organization for Terror Victims to fund part of the academic studies of dozens of students. 


This year, 77 students from across Israel received scholarships. There were students from different disciplines: medical, education, building engineering, law, architecture, nutrition, art and more. They arrived with smiles at the event hall for a short ceremony and a lecture by Aric Ze'evi, world champion in Judo. Aric spoke about the experience he gained over his years as a Judo wrestler, how sometimes he didn't succeed, the challenges he faced, and how important it is to step out of your comfort zone, gather courage and say yes, even when you face a task that is beyond your abilities. He also noted that something good can come out of even our failure, and it can open the way for others' successes. 


One of the speakers said how important it is for the Organization and Vision for Israel to continue, and to continue to help victims. Batya Segal also spoke and said, "We at Vision for Israel are strong believers in education and advancement. We will continue to support those who need encouragement to move forward in life and earn a profession. I love the famous saying 'Give a man a fish and he will be full for one day; give him a fishing rod and teach him to fish and he will be full for life.' We will continue to encourage and strengthen you, so you can fish a lot and give to others."


We were moved by meeting the students. It is so important for VFI to meet them and hear their stories. One student, Shmuel, told us about a miracle that happened to him a few years ago. He was in the south of Israel, handing out care packages to soldiers for Purim, when a terrorist shot him. The bullet entered his body and exited on the other side. His chance of survival was very low, and the doctors told his parents that, even if they manage to keep him alive, he would lose his voice and wouldn't be able to speak again. The excited applause that we heard in response to his story testifies that the nation of Israel is alive and pushing back against terrorism, thanks to the people who live here. We are the face of the resistance to these ongoing, detestable terror attacks. We have chosen life, and we are experiencing daily miracles.


These students are building the future of our country and are forming Israeli society. We hope that next year we can help even more of them.