A Refreshing Welcome for New Immigrants

One of the closest things to our hearts is helping new immigrants in Israel acclimate to life in the Land.  We work with absorption centres throughout the country to provide necessities to new immigrants.

Recently we had the opportunity to help the Ibim Absorption Centre, located by Sderot in the south.  About six months ago, 202 new immigrants from Ethiopia arrived at the centre.  The immigrants arrived with next to nothing and they are suffering from extreme poverty.  The State of Israel provides some benefits to them, but not enough to meet all their needs.

The southern area of Israel is extremely hot in the summer, and the immigrants’ apartments do not have air conditioning.  We were asked to help by providing fans, to ease the heat, as well as bath towels.

We were happy to fulfil the request and arrived at the centre with both fans and towels, so that we could give them out in person.  The immigrants were excited to receive them and thanked us wholeheartedly.

We were privileged to take part in this project and will continue to help Israel’s new arrivals in every way we can.