Purim Party for Victims of Terror

One of the greatest commandments of Purim is to rejoice and be glad!  Vision for Israel, which often supports victims of terror, is dedicated to fulfilling this mitzvah. For Purim, Vision for Israel sponsored a joyful evening full of laughter and fun to give terror victims a break from their daily hardships. The celebration was done in cooperation with another organization, and the attendants were offered special bus rides from all over the country. Hundreds of people came dressed in costumes and enjoyed a nice meal, a costume competition, and a raffle with prizes. The height of the evening was a stand-up performance by a well known Israeli comedian, Shalom Asayag. Through laughter, the victims were able to forget their grief for a few moments and release some of the tension and trauma. Later, everyone enjoyed a lively dance party, and a photo booth was made available, with magnetic photos that the participants could take home as a souvenir. 

Batya said, "I was excited to talk to the victims and get to know them. Some of them shared with me that they went through some very difficult weeks, and still they decided to attend the event. One family told me about a severe case where their daughter was being abused by a family member after being injured in a terror attack. Another family expressed pain over one of the family members who was hospitalized that day in severe condition, but they still decided to come and be encouraged. One man who was injured went through a complex surgery recently for implanting a prosthetic leg. He decided to come despite his situation."

At Vision for Israel, we will continue to support the victims of terror and do everything we can to give them beautiful moments in place of the traumatic experiences they've endured.