Providing Passover Aid

As part of our Passover distribution, we visited 9 families in their homes to deliver financial aid. Even before we left to meet them, our prep work consisted of collecting data and participating in many phone calls. When we finally get to meet the recipients face to face, we are overjoyed. The personal encounters help us gain a better understanding of the impossible situation that they live in, and a reminder of the importance of our work. In some cases, we meet elderly people who struggle daily to survive instead of resting after a long, hard life. We enter humble homes, many of which are run down, with broken furniture and appliances. It seems as though these people lost all hope and any desire to live in an organized home, since their lives are chaotic and full of hardships.

One elderly couple touched our hearts in particular. Their home was dark, didn't have much furniture, and was quiet and lonely. But at the same, time they had many photos from the past, showing great pride in the family they raised, and medals they won at various sports competitions. It looked like their lives were full of success and victory—until one terrible day, a day that brought darkness into their lives, made their joy and hope disappear and brought them great sorrow. That day, David got on a bus in Jerusalem to buy his wife medicine. The bus arrived at the center of Jerusalem, and suddenly, a large explosion erupted. A terrorist blew himself up on the bus and murdered almost all the passengers. David and the driver were the only survivors, and they suffered severe injuries. David remembers the blood pouring on the road. In a few seconds, his life was turned upside down. He lost his leg and his eyesight. Since that day, he lies in bed and can't get up to greet his wife and his grandchildren. He doesn't see the light of day. 

Ma'ayan, one of our team members who visited the family, said, "The couple lives off a small stipend, which is not even enough for the wife's medicine (she suffers from heart disease). And what about food? And rent? What about clothing? What about heat in winter? And what about living in a bit of comfort?"

Vision for Israel is doing everything possible to help this family. Our goal is to bring back joy and light into their lives.