Pottery Therapy

In Arazim School in Jerusalem, the students have been excluded from regular school frameworks due to behavioral and emotional problems.  Arazim provides therapeutic support to help students with their emotional, social and academic needs.  It is not uncommon for these children to have outbursts of wrath and a low frustration-threshold.  Art therapy is therefore an important part of the school’s treatment plans, including pottery classes.

The students love these classes.  Working with clay helps them to manage their difficulties with anger, calming them and strengthening their self-images. 

Some of their creations are displayed throughout the school, but the children take most of them home. 

Unfortunately, after 20 years of use, the kiln at the school broke down beyond repair.  Vision for Israel, which supports the school on an ongoing basis, donated a new kiln so the school can continue holding these special classes.

This is just another one of the many things we do to support education in Israel.