Meet Our Recipients: Helping a Hero's Family

Yamit* lost her husband in December 2015 in a terror attack. On that sad day, her late husband (Ofer) was driving in Jerusalem when he saw two terrorists armed with knives stabbing people who were passing by. He got out of his car with a metal rod and ran toward the terrorists. At the same time, three policewomen heard the screaming and shot the terrorists. Tragically, Ofer was caught in the line of fire and was killed on the spot. In honour of his bravery, he received a medal of courage.

His wife said in her eulogy, "If I had to describe you in a few words—my husband was merciful and compassionate, long-suffering and full of loving-kindness. We remain astounded. We didn't dream that  one bullet will puncture your body. You [jumped to help] with all your strength, and that's where it ended. You were a strong believer in free love. What you gave, no murderer can take away. I thank you for the beautiful years beside you."

Yamit and Ofer were married for nearly 20 years, and he was the one who mostly took care of their daughters and the house, while Yamit worked seven days a week. After his death, Yamit stayed with the girls in Jerusalem, but she is finding it difficult to run the house and take care of the girls while she is working so much. She had to cut back on her work hours to be available for her daughters. Because of this, the family's income has decreased, but their expenses grew. The family is now suffering from financial distress along with the unbearable pain of losing a husband and father.

Vision for Israel is supporting the family by providing money vouchers each month.

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*Name has been changed.