JNN Newsletter - October 6 2017

“Rescue me, Lord, from evildoers; protect me from the violent,
who devise evil plans in their hearts and stir up war every day. 
They make their tongues as sharp as a serpent’s; 
the poison of vipers is on their lips. Keep me safe, Lord, 
from the hands of the wicked; protect me from the violent, 
who devise ways to trip my feet.” Ps. 140:1-4


NETANYAHU EXTENDS CONDOLENCES TO AMERICAN PEOPLE AFTER VEGAS CARNAGE: Israeli officials expressed their solidarity on Monday 2 Oct. 2017 with the families of the victims and those who were injured in America's deadliest shooting to date, which took place on the previous night in Las Vegas and resulted in the death of some 55 people. The Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality building wore the red, blue and white colors of the American flag Monday evening, lighting up in a moving gesture of support to Israel's allies affected by the devastation. PM Netanyahu, whose country is no stranger to such acts of brutality, said that "on this awful day, the people in Israel stand shoulder to shoulder with the American people. Our hearts are with the families of the victims and we wish full recovery to the injured. We grieve with you."

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin echoed the premier's sentiment in a letter he addressed to USA President Donald Trump, writing that "the people of Israel join me in sending our deepest sympathy to you, to the participants in the festival, the people of Las Vegas and to all the people of the United States following this shocking attack which took the lives of so many innocent people and injured so very many more. We stand with you as you mourn the terrible loss of life and injury following this senseless attack on people who had merely gathered together to listen to music," the president added, noting that the mass shooting targeted a lively outdoor country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rivlin also wrote to the USA president that the people of Israel wished to "convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and send our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to the many injured. (J.Post) VFI staff members express deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones in this tragic attack. We join our prayers with those of thousands for the swift recovery of the injured.

SUCCOT IN JERUSALEM 2017: Join us this October 8-10 for the Jerusalem Succot Celebration. This will be a powerful conference that you don't want to miss. We'll have exciting teachings from Allen Jackson, Malcolm Hedding, David Herzog, Wes Richards, Sophocles Christodoulou and Barry Segal; dance groups from Europe and the USA; and live worship with Joshua Aaron, MIQEDEM, local congregations, and our very own Barry and Batya Segal. Admission: $129 (Adults - ages: 31+) $69 (Young Adults - ages: 18-30) Children 17 and under: Registration is free! For questions or more information about the conference, please email us at: [email protected], or click on: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/succot-celebration-2017-registration-31458245459?mc_eid=8b7532155a&mc_cid=566c3162d1  We will be livesteaming our event which you can view at: https://livestream.com/visionforisrael

MOSSAD HEAD DECLARES: IRAN IS OUR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Iran is the primary target of the Mossad’s actions, which number in the hundreds and thousands each year, Mossad head Yossi Cohen said on Monday 2 Oct. 2017. Cohen said the spy organization works within the framework of a multi-year plan that focuses on the top national, security and diplomatic priorities. “The objectives of the Mossad are clear: Iran continues to hold onto its vision of attaining significant nuclear capabilities, so that it will attain nuclear military capabilities,” he said. Cohen added that the Islamic Republic continues to aggressively direct military and operational forces in the Middle East closer to Israel’s borders than ever before, both in Syria and in Lebanon; continues to support Hezbollah and, increasingly of late, Hamas; and continues to transfer advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations in the region.

In addition to Iran, he said, Islamic State “will continue to challenge us every day in its efforts to harm us and, no less important, our friends around the world.” Cohen said that the Mossad “undertakes hundreds and thousands of actions every year, some of which are complex and bold, in the heart of enemy states – the target countries.” He added that the organization has a “unique ability to work in the very heart of the target, to penetrate into the most guarded and dangerous places, and to return with a decisive achievement.” He called the organization a “link in the chain of the lives of our people – an ancient people that strives to be an example for itself and to the world.” Netanyahu, who called the organization a “synchronized fist,” said he saluted its “initiative, daring and professionalism – both in planning and in execution.”(J.Post)

PENTAGON GIVES GREEN LIGHT TO INSTALL ISRAELI DEFENSE SYSTEM ON USA TANKS: The USA Army has approved the installation of Israel’s Trophy active-protection system on a number of its M1A2 Abrams tanks, making it the first army aside from the IDF to use the system. The Pentagon said days ago the decision was made following “an urgent material” request. Designed to detect and neutralize incoming projectiles, the Trophy system has four radar antennae and fire-control radars to track incoming threats such as anti-tank guided missiles and rocket-propelled grenades. Once a projectile is detected, Trophy fires a shotgun-type blast to neutralize the threat. Developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aircraft Industries’ Elta Group, it is the only fully operational and combat-proven APS in the world. With its troops operating in theaters such as Syria and Iraq, the USA has understood that ground forces and armored vehicles are sitting ducks without active protection systems due to the proliferation of antitank weaponry in the hands of both state militaries and insurgent groups (J.Post)

ISRAEL KNESSET MEMBER OBSERVING CATALAN ELECTION CAUGHT IN CROSSFIRE: Zionist Union MK Ksenia Svetlova found herself in the middle of police violence against voters during the Catalan independence referendum on 1 Oct. 2017 in Barcelona. She was invited by the Catalonian government to be an impartial observer. "We saw a group of people who weren't being allowed to vote. So they sat in the middle of the road and sang the Catalan anthem and other patriotic songs," she said. "Without any warning or provocation, the police started shooting rubber bullets. I saw people, young and old, being beaten with clubs. I entered a building and kept out of the way so I wouldn't be beaten." The MK said she did not anticipate the violence. Many Spaniards, not just Catalans, are in shock at the National Police’s behavior. No one expected it to be so brutal,” she said, adding that “people feel like the democratic process has been harmed.” Svetlova said she found it jarring that this took place in a EU country: “We’re talking about Europe, European values of democracy and freedom of expression. How do these things go together?” The Zionist Union MK expressed concerns that “the processes Europe is undergoing will have ramifications for us in Israel” and said she spoke to Spanish parliamentarians, accusing them of hypocrisy when it comes to Israel. Catalonia has reportedly overwhelmingly voted for independence from Spain, with over 90% of the votes counted saying "yes", the regional government has said. (J. Post)

3,000 KILLED IN SYRIA IN SEPTEMBER: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on 1 Oct. 2017 says Sept. 2017 was the deadliest month this year in the country's civil war. Syria’s civil war killed at least 3,000 people, including 955 civilians last month. The 955 civilians killed in September included 207 children, said the Britain-based Observatory, which relies on a wide network of sources inside Syria for its information. The number of people killed in last month was higher because of increased fighting and “intensified air raids of the international coalition and Russia against terrorist bastions in the north and east of Syria, but also due to increased Russian and regime strikes on rebel-held areas,” said the monitor's head Rami Abdel Rahman. Syria’s conflict has killed more than 330,000 people since 2011. (Arutz-7) Pray with mercy for Syria: “Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, but establish the just.” Ps. 7:9

ISRAEL SAVES KURDISH CHILDREN WITH HEART DISEASE DESPITE ERDOGAN CRITICISM: To date, Israel's regional cooperation ministry has funded the life-saving treatment of about 500 children with heart diseases from Iraq, the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Jordan. Following the criticism by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over Israel’s support for the Kurds, Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi visited Kurdish children who were receiving medical treatment here on Monday 2 Oct. 2017. During a visit to Holon’s Wolfson Medical Center, the base for the Save a Child’s Heart program that performs congenital heart surgery on needy children from abroad, Hanegbi said: “Israel is the greatest defender of human rights.” The minister was accompanied by ministry director-general Dr. Joseph Dreznin and leading Save A Child’s Heart benefactor Sylvan Adams. Hanegbi and Dreznin toured the pediatric wards and met with children from Afghanistan, Togo, Zanzibar and the Palestinian Authority as well as from Kurdistan in Iraq. Hanegbi said he was impressed by the construction work at the children’s hospital and the work being carried out by the International Center for Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery at Wolfson. Over the years, doctors and nurses volunteering for Save a Child’s Heart have treated more than 4,400 children from Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They have also trained more than 100 medical workers in those countries, allowing them to save many other children. (J.Post) “He gathers the exiles of Israel. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Ps. 14:2-3

ISRAEL PARALYMPIC ROWER WINS SILVER AT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Israeli Moran Samuel, 35, won a silver medal at the World Rowing Championships in Sarasota, Florida, on 1 Oct. 2017 in the women's Paralympic 2,000-meter race. Samuel had been a member of Israel's national basketball team until 2006, when she suffered a rare spinal stroke and became paralyzed in her lower body. (Times of Israel)

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