Helping Kalanit

Vision for Israel has supported needy families on an ongoing basis for many years. Each week we personally give families magnetic gift cards loaded with funds to help them purchase food and other necessities. On a recent trip to distribute aid, our team also gave away toiletries and towels in addition to the financial gift.


We met Kalanit*, a mother of 3 children who was injured in a terror attack. Kalanit was running toward a bus when it exploded a few seconds before she reached it. As a result, she suffers from post-trauma and suicidal tendencies. Her children study at a special education school, partially because of the negative effects Kalanit's depression has had on her children. Thanks to help from different organizations and from therapy, she was able to begin healing, but she still suffers from nightmares and fear of loud noises. The family is in a difficult situation and has no financial support from their relatives. The furniture in their home is worn out and lacking, and the 3 children sleep together on one broken bed. The couches are old and torn, the family has no oven, and the fridge is very old. Vision for Israel donated a new fridge to the family in addition to the ongoing help we give them.

Kalanit's family is only one of the many families that have touched our hearts. We will continue to support them as much as we can.

*Name has been changed.

UPDATE: Kalanit received the new fridge and sent us a beautiful thank you note. Here is what it says:

I would like to thank everyone who worked hard, for your generous donation, for your help and the effort that you put into helping terror victims. I'm so glad that I met an organization [whose] main goal is to help and support as much as possible. Thank you for the beautiful fridge and the lovely things you do to bring joy. May God send you health and the strength to keep working for many years.