Hanukkah Activities at Boarding School

For 40 years, a boarding school in Jerusalem has been providing a homey and supportive environment for hundreds of children at risk. The children are aged 8–14, and their parents are unable to provide for them for various reasons. The boarding school offers emotional and mental therapy in addition to the academic and social aspects of school. Most of the children who live there have gone through devastating experiences in their parents' homes and are facing the challenges of being disconnected from their parents and adjusting to life in a boarding school.
For the upcoming Hanukkah holiday, Vision for Israel is sponsoring a day of fun activities for the children. The activities will include several stations including human foosball, air hockey, and team-building exercises. Refreshments will also be provided for the children throughout the day.
We are delighted to provide the children with this joyful experience and hope it gives them a break from the many challenges they endure. May they enjoy and feel the light of Hanukkah!