Greeting Our Pack to School Partners

As early as May, the Vision for Israel team begins working hard to prepare for one of our largest and most exciting projects of the year: Pack to School.

This year, after much work and cooperation with dozens of welfare departments, organizations and nonprofits from all over the country, thousands of backpacks arrived early in July at the Millennium Centre. The staff organized the boxes of backpacks according to donation locations and quantities and carefully prepared the paperwork.

Representatives from the welfare departments and nonprofits arrived at the Millennium Centre to pick up the backpacks. Our team was excited to finally meet those whom we had been communicating with over the phone for months. This year was more special then ever, since the distribution was done from the Millennium Centre for the first time. The reps were treated to refreshments, and our team helped them load the boxes onto trucks and vehicles. We received many thanks for the hard work and the substantial donation. Some even gave us certificates of appreciation.

The backpacks are given to children whose parents can't afford to buy new ones. It's important for us to give them nice, high-quality backpacks, in different colours for them to chose from, so they can feel equal to their classmates and start the year with everything they need to succeed.

We wish all the children a great and fruitful school year!

To learn more about our Pack to School Project, click here: I WANT TO HELP