Backpack Delivery in Jerusalem

As part of our Pack to School project this summer, our team went to an after-school childcare facility in Jerusalem to give out backpacks. Twenty children in grades one through four attend, and most of them are from at-risk families and suffer both from learning and behavioral difficulties. The children come every day after school to receive a hot meal, get help with homework and language difficulties,  enjoy playtime and receive therapy.

One staff member says the children have changed a lot since they started coming last September. At the beginning of the previous school year, there were some children who couldn't read or write, but thanks to the help they received, they made tremendous progress. The same progress has been seen in the children with behavioral problems.

Liat, one of our staff members, said, "When we arrived, the atmosphere was very calm and pleasant. As we were organizing the backpacks and I was speaking with the staff, the children prepared a surprise for us: a large poster with a drawing of an ice cream cone, and on each scoop, a child wrote words of thanks and appreciation to Vision for Israel. Later, the children sat in a circle and played a game. The children were attentive, disciplined and calm. It was so nice to see that, especially after hearing the stories of their lives."

Liat then introduced herself to the children and told them about herself and about Vision for Israel. At the end each, child received a backpack of their choosing, as well as a colouring book and coloured pencils. The children were very excited, and we were happy for the opportunity to give these children a feeling that they are loved and cared for, and the knowledge that someone is thinking about them.

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