Visiting with the Elderly

Recently, Barry and a team from VFI went to visit Beit Vax, a center for the elderly and retired. A few months ago Vision for Israel donated 10 complete computer systems to the center for the elderly to use. Ariel, one of our team members, said: "A lovely team met us at the place. . . . The cooperation was wonderful. The manager told Barry about the importance of the computers for the elderly and noted how the computers help them stay connected to the wide world, to the grandchildren and the vast information that is available on the Web."

We joined a creative session that was being held while we were visiting, and we were also invited to stay for a delicious lunch. The elderly shared with us the difficulties they are facing daily. They told us about the importance of the activity at the center, as a place that is providing them with a routine and company. They thanked us from the bottom of their hearts for the computers that open up endless opportunities.

Before we left, we gave each person a cozy scarf to keep them extra warm.

We are always delighted to meet the people who receive our donations in person, and we are moved to know that our help is making a difference in their lives.