Thankful Mother for Backpacks

With every donation that goes out from Vision for Israel, our hearts grow and rejoice. We know how much the recipients need the help and how the donations give them the strength to go on and the means to live with a little more dignity. When we meet them, the sparkles in their eyes, the smiles on their faces and the embraces they give us are our reward. 


Once in a while, we receive thank you letters that warm our heart. Recently we received a note from a mother who received backpacks for her children:


"Yesterday we received from the welfare department two backpacks for my children for the upcoming school year. I want to thank you for your donation and kindness. You have moved us deeply and made my children happy that they can start the school year with brand new school supplies. Again, many thanks for that. May you have a pleasant and calm summer."


Knowing that we made two children happy and managed to relieve this mother, who cares for her children and is dealing with a great financial burden, is the reason that we are here and will continue to work relentlessly for Israeli society.


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