Rescued from Being Homeless

It is not too often that we receive requests for aid that are supremely urgent—but this week we did. 

Nira* made Aliyah from Ethiopia when she was just four years old. The road to Israel was long and hard and full of traumas and losses that she never fully processed. In 2001 she was present at a terror attack, which added to her mental challenges, and she has been suffering from post trauma that changed her quality of life drastically. Today Nira is married with four children, and the family is in dire financial distress, due in part to heavy debts. Since the terror attack Nira's emotional state prevents her from working. Her husband works, but part of his salary is confiscated in order to pay the debts.

Recently the family got a notice that, due to the delay in paying their mortgage, their home would be vacated and they would become homeless. We received the urgent request to help Nira's family and knew we had to assist immediately. Vision for Israel donated the needed funds and prevented the family from losing their home! We also requested that the family receive assistance from a financial advisor to help them handle their debts. This Hanukkah season we will continue to do everything we can to support victims of terror and bring them light in their darkest times.

*Name has been changed.