Purim Party for Victims of Terror

No word is more meaningful than the word "family." Everyone wants to belong to a family—to have parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, grandparents. The word "family" is even more powerful for people who have lost family members in terror attacks. Hundreds of terror victims who suffer from physical and emotional disabilities must learn to look forward to the rest of their lives in a positive way.


Many of them live with constant anxiety after going through a tragic event. Some of them go through treatments and surgery, and the mental strength they need to have to withstand all their challenges is huge. When they sink low, their only comfort is in belonging to a larger family—the family of terror victims, of which many are widows and orphans. 


This Purim, Vision for Israel sponsored a party for terror victims. Batya greeted the participants, saying, "A family is the closest group of people to a person. The characteristics of a family cell include a sense of warmth and love, support and stability, emotionally and mentally. You are not alone, but you are wrapped with organizations and people who support you and do everything they can to give you what each of us needs, and especially you—the strength to go on. Be strong and of good courage because this is the medicine for all your pain."


Joy, dancing, fellowship and warmth were felt everywhere at the event. We felt that once again, we were able to lift up the victims. We thank all of our friends and partners who help us increase the circle of those receiving aid.