Purim Party for Children at Risk

Dozens of children ages 6-12 study at Jerusalem school for children at risk. The students struggle with severe behavioral and emotional disorders and come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Vision for Israel has been supporting the school for many years and has sponsored various enriching activities for the children that they otherwise would not experience. 


This month, we sponsored a Purim party at the school. The party included a juggling performance, a unicycle and magic tricks. We also provided pizza and drinks for the kids to enjoy. One of our staff members who attended the event said, "The party was joyful and funny. All the children were dressed up and enjoyed the performance... Reuven, the principal, gave a moving speech thanking Barry and Batya Segal and Vision for Israel for their support and cooperation in Purim and during the whole year." At the end of the speech, the children clapped their hands, and it was evident that they were happy, excited and enjoying the event.


Knowing that these children, who deal with so many challenges each day, experienced such a fun Purim party gives us much joy and the strength to carry on with our work.