Purim Parties for Children at Risk

This Purim, Vision for Israel contributed costumes to several places throughout Israel, primarily children's villages who care for children at-risk. Two of these places are Megadim and Neradim.


The entire main street of a village in Megadim was decorated with special, colorful decorations for a Purim party. As the children came back from school, all dressed up in their various costumes, which were generously donated by Vision for Israel, they were greeted by the celebratory atmosphere. Upbeat music was playing while the children had the chance to enjoy a variety of games, riddles, and competitions. When they were exhausted from participating in the fun activities, they were invited to enjoy specials treats in special mishloach manot, or gift baskets.


Neradim Village was also set up for a Purim party with a Disney theme, which they called "Neradisney." The whole village was decorated with Disney characters and posters. The kids dressed up in their new costumes and enjoyed various booths, each with a different activity related to a Disney production and its unique characters. Fun activities and outdoor games including hula hoops were part of the big celebration as well. Thanks to VFI's donations, the kids were able to enjoy traditional Purim festivities with a variety of costumes for celebrating both at school and at home in their village.