Pence's Biblical Speech Rocks Knesset

“I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men,
for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and
reverence.” 1 Tim. 2:1-2

VP PENCE’S BIBLICAL SPEECH ROCKS THE KNESSET: USA Vice President Mike Pence was met with one standing ovation after another in the Knesset, during his speech rife with Biblical references and expressions of support for Israel and the Jewish people. Pence said, “We stand with Israel, because we believe in right over wrong, in good over evil, and in liberty over tyranny. The people of the USA have always held a special affection and admiration for the People of the Book. In the story of the Jews, we’ve always seen the story of America. It is the story of Exodus, a journey from persecution to freedom, a story that shows the power of faith and the promise of hope,” he stated. Pence, the first USA Vice President to address the Knesset’s plenary, spoke to a packed room. A devout Evangelical Christian, Pence paraphrased Psalms: “The USA is proud to stand with Israel and her people, as allies and cherished friends. And so we will pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that those who love you will be secure, that there be peace within your walls and security in your citadels. And we will work and strive for that brighter future, so everyone who calls this ancient land home shall sit under their vine and fig tree, and none shall make them afraid.” Pence urged the Palestinians, who are boycotting his visit to the region, to come to the negotiating table. “We recognize that peace will require compromise, but you can be confident in this: The USA will never compromise on the safety and security of the State of Israel. The USA remains committed to peace,” Pence stated, saying that the USA will support a two-state solution if both sides want it. That comment was met by a standing ovation. The vice president announced that the USA embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the end of next year, emphasizing that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. (J.Post)

PENCE RAPS IRAN IN KNESSET SPEECH AS WORLD’S BIGGEST STATE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM: Pence rapped Iran as the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism, in his speech to Israel’s Knesset and used the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” several times, saying it “respects no creed, stealing the lives of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Together with our allies we will continue to bring the full force of our might to drive radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth,” he said. During his speech, Pence waxed poetic about Israel and Jewish history. “As I stand in Abraham’s Promised Land, I believe that all who cherish freedom and seek a brighter future should cast their eyes here and marvel at what they behold. How unlikely is Israel’s birth; how more unlikely is her survival?” Pence said the Jewish people held on to the hope of returning to their homeland over a 2,000 year exile, “through the darkest and longest nights. Tomorrow, when I stand with my wife Karen at Yad Vashem to honor the six million Jewish martyrs of the Holocaust, we will marvel at the faith and resilience of your people, who just three years after walking in the shadow of death, rose up from the ashes to resurrect yourselves, to reclaim a Jewish future and rebuild the Jewish State.” Speaking on Israel’s upcoming 70th Independence Day, Pence said the Shehechiyanu (“who has granted us life”) blessing. Pence’s blessing was met with a standing ovation from nearly all of the MKs present, as were several other points in his speech. (J.Post)

‘ISRAEL, AMERICA’S BEST DAYS ARE YET TO COME’: Vice President Mike Pence and Israeli PM Netanyahu held a joint press conference in Jerusalem on 22 Jan. 2018. Netanyahu praised Pence as a long-time ally of the Jewish state, saying, "We've known each other for a good many years, and from the day I met you I knew you were a true friend. I remember vividly one day in 2009, when I came to meet the congressional leadership in Washington, and Mike, you spoke up with such clarity and such conviction in support of the direction I was leading Israel. I will never forget that." The Israeli premier then expressed his thanks to the Trump administration for the decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “I want to express once again, Israel’s appreciation to President Trump and to you, for the historic decision last month to recognize Jerusalem as our capital. I also want to commend you for your magnificent speech in the Knesset today.” Pence, in turn, reaffirmed President Donald Trump’s December 6th declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and expressed President Trump’s thanks for Netanyahu’s “commitment” to the USA-Israel relationship. "It is an honor for me to stand before you today in Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Israel,” said Pence. “The president asked me to give you not only his greeting, but also his thanks for your your stalwart commitment to freedom and your unbending commitment to the relationship between the United States and Israel. I leave here with confidence that with President Trump in the White House and with your strong leadership here in Israel, that the best days for the United States and our most cherished ally, Israel, are yet to come." (Arutz-7)

ON LAST DAY IN ISRAEL PENCE VISITS WESTERN WALL, YAD VASHEM: Vice President Mike Pence made a visit to the Western Wall and met with Israeli President Reuvin Rivlin on his final day of a trip to Israel. The vice president departed late Tues. 23 Jan. 2018. His visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City took place amid tensions with the Palestinians, who have assailed the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Pence addressed the Knesset and held meetings with Israel’s PM Netanyahu, announcing plans to speed up the timing of the opening of the USA Embassy in Jerusalem to late 2019. Pence traveled to Egypt, Jordan and Israel during his first trip to the Middle East as vice president. (J.Post)

PALESTINIANS PROTEST PENCE'S VISIT WITH CLOSED SHOPS, EMPTY STREETS: At the behest of Fatah, Palestinians in Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria kept their shops closed on Tues. 23 Jan. 2018 to protest the USA vice president's trip to Israel. Palestinians took part in a general strike, protesting Pence's time in Israel, and his Knesset speech in support of USA President Donald Trump's Dec. 2017 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Shops in Palestinian cities and in east Jerusalem were locked and shuttered, and the streets were nearly entirely empty. On 22 Jan. 2018, Pence's speech to Israel's Knesset was briefly disrupted, at the outset, by Arab Israeli parliament members who held up protest signs in Arabic and English, reading "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine." They were immediately ejected by ushers. Pence responded to the incident by saying with a smile: "It is deeply humbling for me to stand before this vibrant democracy." (J.Post)

MINISTER GAMLIEL: “THE ABU MAZEN ERA IS OVER”: Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel welcomed the arrival of USA Vice President Mike Pence on an official visit to Israel. Gamliel also blasted Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas who refused to meet Pence in protest over President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. "I welcome the arrival of Vice President Pence, a true friend of Israel and a guest of honor in our country. The time has come to realize: The Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) era is over, it is history. The Palestinian refusal to negotiate is an obstacle to peace and regional stability," Gamliel said. "Abu Mazen's masquerade has ended. He failed to correctly read the regional and international reality. His obsessive speeches against Israel and Trump have one meaning: Abu Mazen is not a partner for dialogue or an agreement," she continued. (Arutz-7)

DONALD TRUMP PROCLAIMS MONDAY AS ‘NATIONAL SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE DAY’: President Trump proclaimed 22 Jan. 2018, to be “National Sanctity of Human Life Day” to underscore that “all life is sacred,” according to a proclamation issued by the White House. “Reverence for every human life, one of the values for which our Founding Fathers fought, defines the character of our nation. Today, it moves us to promote the health of pregnant mothers and their unborn children. It animates our concern for single moms; the elderly, the infirm, and the disabled; and orphan and foster children. It compels us to address the opioid epidemic and to bring aid to those who struggle with mental illness,” said Trump. “It gives us the courage to stand up for the weak and the powerless. And it dispels the notion that our worth depends on the extent to which we are planned for or wanted,” he continued. “I call on all Americans to reflect on the value of our lives; to respond to others in keeping with their inherent dignity; to act compassionately to those with disabilities, infirmities, or frailties; to look beyond external factors that might separate us; and to embrace the common humanity that unites us,” the president concluded. (Washington Times) Intercede that this decree and its words will have life in them to make changes for all who poor, disabled or in need of encouragement and opportunity. Regarding abortion: It is murder of the most innocent members of our society! Pray that men and women in authority will continue to actively present and pass laws that respect all human life from conception to natural death.

“HAMAS IS TURNING HOSPITALS INTO TERRORIST BASES”: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin accused the Hamas terrorist organization this week of turning hospitals and other civilian buildings in the Gaza Strip into terror bases. Rivlin visited the headquarters of the Gaza Regional Division of the IDF on 21 Jan. 2018. He then toured the new neighborhood being built at Kibbutz Nirim. Rivlin received a briefing on the current challenges in the sector from high ranking military and security officials. "I am coming to you now from meetings with the security forces and from operational surveys," Rivlin said. "We fought for the houses, the kindergartens and the schools, the paths and the fields. It was a war for our existence and daily life." The president said that Israel remains at war with the Hamas terrorist organization which rules the Gaza Strip. "The mission of the State of Israel has not been completed. We are fighting a terrorist organization that is cruel, extremist, and murderous. It is a terrorist organization that devotes no thought to the future and well-being of Israel, the people of Gaza, and for whom "reconciliation" of one kind or another is only a step towards advancing the war.

“Hamas is cultivating terror bases in hospitals, mosques and schools, and continues to invest its energy in military armament, tunnel construction, and planning attacks against the State of Israel. We are not complacent. We know that the next battle, if imposed on us, will be different and harder than the previous one. But we are determined that when it comes, we will be ready and trained. We will surprise and not be surprised, and we will strike the enemy with a hard and cutting blow," added Rivlin. "The entire world must know and understand that the ones preventing the rehabilitation [of Gaza] is Hamas. Israel is the only entity in the region that transfers - regardless of the situation - the minimal needs to the residents so that they can maintain their well-being. Unfortunately, Hamas is exploiting the plight of Gaza's citizens and using the materials - which are sent to the Gaza Strip for the benefit of the lives of the residents - for terror purposes instead. (Arutz-7)

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