Pack to School Begins!

This year's Pack to School project is especially exciting, as the donations will be distributed from the Millennium Center for the first time ever! 


This summer, as always, Vision for Israel is donating thousands of beautiful backpacks to children throughout Israel. Each backpack is like a seed of joy that is planted inside the heart of each child.


Each year, we begin working on the project in December. We choose the backpacks, the colors and the designs. We order the backpacks in faith that the whole budget for the purchase will come in time from our faithful donors. There are many months of preparation, fundraising and love for these children that precede the main distribution event.


This week, in the height of summer vacation, thousands of backpacks will go out from the Millennium Center—this is our blessing to thousands of children who deserve encouragement for the upcoming school year. 


We would like to thank our faithful donors, who strengthen us and believe that investing in the children's future is invaluable.