Mezuzah Setting Ceremony at a Jerusalem School with Mayor

When we dedicated the Millennium Center, we invited Yitzhak (Name has been changed), the principal of a school for children at risk in Jerusalem, to set the mezuzah at our new center. We didn't know that he was also in the midst of constructing a new building for the school he's been running for many years. Yitzhak is a beloved and kind principal, and his personality is extraordinary. He is loving and has a huge heart and kind eyes.


On the morning of the dedication of the new school, he was excited to have the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, and his entourage come to the event. Barry and Batya were also invited to this exciting event. The children were running around, wearing white shirts. The sweet staff members set the table with baked goods that the children prepared. Everything was sparkling clean and ready to receive the honorable guest.


Yitzhak received us with a warm hug and a smile. His eyes were tired and red but full of excitement. The children stood at the entrance to the building and waited for the mayor to arrive. Two children were holding the ribbon, and another child was holding a box with scissors. The moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived, and the mayor entered and was received cordially by Yitzhak and his staff. The ceremony of the ribbon cutting, removing the veil from the sign and setting the mezuzah was very honorable.


The children read and sang songs for all the guests. We were moved to tears when Yitzhak spoke about the change he experienced in his life since his son died 20 years ago and how he decided to choose life and run the school. We toured the building and were impressed by the investment that was put into the building and the quality of work.


Vision for Israel has been supporting this school for over 15 years by funding educational projects and providing food for the children on an ongoing basis. Children cannot study on an empty stomach, so we provide the food daily, and the children learn to prepare it for breakfast and lunch with the staff members as part of their studies. We are very happy that the children are getting an upgrade to their learning environment and look forward to celebrating their future success.