Meet Our Families: Miriam

Recently we visited a sweet family of new immigrants from Ethiopia. The mother, Miriam*, welcomed us into her home. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman with a big smile, who shared with us her family's difficulties.

The family of four lives in a small storage room that was converted into a living quarter. There is one small bedroom, where the parents and children sleep in one bed, along with a living room and a tiny kitchen. The apartment is lacking basic electrical appliances, as well as furniture such as closets, a dining table, and chairs.

Miriam and her husband made Aliyah to Israel five years ago, without their extended family. Miriam had to start working right away without learning Hebrew first. This caused her to have difficulties speaking the language. Her two little children are also suffering from verbal and emotional difficulties. The family is under severe financial distress, and the parents are not able to fund therapy for their children out of pocket.

Back in Ethiopia, Miriam received higher education, but since she moved to Israel, she has had to work cleaning homes.

When she gave birth to her daughter, Miriam's back was injured, which causes her severe pain. She has a hard time sleeping at night, and sleeping next to her children doesn't make it any better. Despite all of this, Miriam continues to work so she can feed her children.

Miriam's desire is to move into a larger apartment with two bedrooms and have some furniture for storing clothes and household items, which will make it a better environment for the children. She is hoping that it will also ease some of the pain from which she is suffering. 

We have been helping the family for several months and were so excited to finally meet them in person. We brought money vouchers for food and basic necessities, as well as a gift for their little girl.

We will continue to make every effort to continue helping the family, and specifically to help them move into better living conditions.


*Name has been changed.