Keeping Holocaust Survivors Warm This Winter

When Holocaust survivors arrive in Israel, they have already experienced horrendous horrors from the war, having been robbed of a sense of childhood and often having lost their relatives. They hope for peace and rest, to start a new life that will be painless and without need. Unfortunately, coping with the past never ends, and many of the survivors suffer from emotional difficulties, medical problems, and great financial burdens in their old age. Winter is especially challenging, and the elderly suffer much from the cold. Due to their financial difficulties, many are not able to heat their homes, and some don't even have a warm blanket.

Vision for Israel has stepped in to help keep the survivors warm during the cold winter. We recently distributed heaters and warm blankets to 100 survivors so that no one will have to suffer from the cold. The heaters and blankets were delivered directly to the survivors' homes to make it easier for them. We hope that the survivors can spend their golden years in comfort and dignity.