JNN Newsletter - November 20, 2017

“O Israel, hope in the Lord; for with the Lord there is mercy, and with Himis abundant redemption. And He shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities.” Ps. 130: 7-8

TWO INJURED, ONE SERIOUSLY, IN JUDEA & SAMARIA CAR RAMMING: A Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into two people, seriously injuring one of them, before getting shot while trying to stab soldiers in the central Judea & Samaria area on Friday morning, 17 Nov. 2017. The driver of the vehicle, a 17-year-old who was not immediately named, rammed his car into the first victim, a 70-year-old man, who sustained a light head wound, at the Efrat South junction, medics said. He continued down the road to the nearby Gush Etzion Junction where he hit another Israeli man, 35. The hospital reported his condition was serious, with a brain injury. The army said the driver then got out of his car with a knife and tried to stab soldiers. “The soldiers responded by firing towards the attacker, resulting in his injury,” the Israel Defense Forces said. According to the hospital, the terrorist was in critical condition. There were no reports of wounded Israeli soldiers, the army said. The Gush Etzion Junction in central Judea & Samaria has been a common site for terror attacks due to its close proximity to both Israeli settlements and Palestinian villages (Times of Israel) Please pray for the complete and swift recovery of the seriously injured Israeli who is the father of five. His name is Ebenezer Ben Malka. Intercede daily for the safety of residents and drivers in central Judea & Samaria.

WE NEED AND APPRECIATE YOUR FINANCIAL HELP: Vision for Israel continues to impart comfort and provision for many of the nation’s poor, including terrorist victims and their families, the elderly and Holocaust survivors, children at risk and entire households suffering from poverty. Please give generously at www.visionforisrael.com. For residents in the UK and outside N. America visit our website at www.josephstorehouse.co.uk. Thank you for your donations.

‘TAYLOR FORCE ACT’ PASSES LEGISLATIVE HURDLE: The USA House Foreign Affairs Committee approved legislation that would cut off financial aid to the Palestinian Authority unless it ends its policy of paying monthly stipends to prisoners jailed in Israel and to the families of Palestinians killed in confrontations with Israeli security forces. The Taylor Force Act - named after an American who was murdered in a terror attack in Tel Aviv during the 2015-16 “Stabbing Intifada”- earned unanimous bipartisan support and will now proceed to Congress for a full vote; this, as a parallel bill has been introduced in the Senate. “With this legislation, we are forcing the PA to choose between USA assistance and these morally reprehensible policies, and I am pleased to see this measure move forward in both chambers with so much support,” committee chairman Ed Royce (R-California) wrote in a statement. Israel has long opposed the PA’s glorification of “martyrs” and believes that the payments made to terrorists provide incentive for Palestinians to perpetrate attacks. (Medialine)

PA TO TRUMP: TERROR PAYMENTS WON’T STOP: Nabil Sha'ath, adviser to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said that the PA leadership would not give in to USA threats to stop its payments to terrorists and their families. "These are heroes and we are responsible for them and for their families," Sha'ath said, explaining the PA's approach to the security prisoners and their national commitment to them. Sha'ath said that the private bill promoted by the Israeli Knesset on the cessation of aid to the PA would have implications for Washington's role in the peace process. It should be noted that most of the Arab prisoners are serving prison sentences for committing security offenses, including terrorist attacks, the dispatch of suicide bombers, murder, attempted murder, accomplice to murder, violent assault, and more. Every Arab prisoner is entitled to receive a monthly pension from the Palestinian Authority, the amount of which is directly proportional to the sentence, granting more money to the terrorists who committed the worst crimes and killed the most Israelis. The average monthly allowance of security prisoners is higher than the average wage for security forces. Israel and the USA view assistance to the imprisoned terrorists as an expression of direct support for terrorism. (Arutz-7) Continue to pray that this abominable policy of support for terrorists and their families will be utterly defeated.

REPORT: SAUDI CROWN PRINCE WILL ‘CRUSH’ HEZBOLLAH WITH ISRAEL: The King of Saudi Arabia plans to step down and announce his son as his successor next week, the British newspaper Daily Mail reported on 16 Nov. 2017, citing a source close to the country's royal family. The move is seen as the final step in 32-year-old Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's power grab, which began earlier this month with the arrests of more than 40 princes and government ministers in a corruption probe. The unnamed source said that King Salman will continue only as a ceremonial figurehead, handing over official leadership of the country to his son, often referred to as MBS. The high level source further said that once crowned king, the prince will shift his focus to Iran, Saudi Arabia's longtime regional rival. He will also enlist the help of the Israeli military to crush Hezbollah, Iran's proxy in Lebanon, according to the source. “MBS is convinced that he has to hit Iran and Hezbollah. MBS's plan is to start the fire in Lebanon, but he's hoping to count on Israeli military backing. He has already promised Israel billions of dollars in direct financial aid if they agree,” claimed the source. “MBS cannot confront Hezbollah in Lebanon without Israel. Plan B is to fight Hezbollah in Syria," added the source The 32-year-old crown prince portrays himself as a liberal reformer. He recently announced that the ultra-conservative kingdom would adopt a moderate and open Islam. As for Israel, there have been several recent reports that Saudi Arabia and Israel are getting closer. (Arutz-7)

IDF CHIEF OF STAFF: ISRAEL WILLING TO SHARE INTELLIGENCE WITH SAUDIS: Gadi Eisenkot has offered to share Israeli intelligence about Iran with Saudi Arabia, in remarks published in a rare interview with a Saudi newspaper published in London. “We are ready to exchange experiences with Saudi Arabia and other moderate Arab countries and exchange intelligence information to confront Iran,” Eisenkot told the Elaph newspaper, adding, “There are many shared interests between us and Saudi Arabia. The Iranian plan is to control the Middle East by means of two Shi’ite crescents,” Eisenkot told Elaph, “the first being from Iran through Iraq to Syria and Lebanon and the second across the Gulf from Bahrain to Yemen to the Red Sea. We must stop that from happening.” (Worthy News)

ISIS HAS LOST 95% OF ITS CALIPHATE: The brutal ISIS terrorist group has lost 95% of the cross-border "caliphate" it declared three years ago in Iraq and Syria, the USA-led coalition fighting the jihadist group says. The jihadist group swept across Syria and Iraq the same year, declaring a cross-border "caliphate" in territory roughly the size of Britain and attracting thousands of foreign fighters. Since then, several military offensives, including those backed by the USA-led coalition, have since seen ISIS lose most areas it once controlled. "More than 7.5 million people have now been liberated from ISIS," McGurk said in a statement, adding that the group's finances are now "at their lowest levels to date". With the jihadists' dreams of statehood lying in tatters following the battlefield defeats, Western attention is increasingly pivoting to trying to block foreign fighters from returning home to carry out attacks. McGurk insisted that flows of foreign ISIS fighters into Syria have "nearly stopped", and that jihadists are increasingly being picked up as they cross borders. The jihadists recently suffered a series of stunningly quick defeats, including the loss of their de facto capital Raqqa in Syria. (Arutz-7) Answers to many, many prayers have come as ISIS comes to its knees in near total defeat. In the case of foreign fighters, pray that these brutal terrorists will not be able to re-enter their countries of origin and carry out terrorist attacks on their own home turf.

231 IMMIGRANTS FROM TWO “LOST TRIBES” ARRIVE IN ISRAEL: Members of two "lost tribes" - 162 people from India's Bnei Menashe and 69 from Ethiopia, reputedly descendants of the Tribe of Dan - arrived in Israel last week to reunite with family members and make new lives in the country. Some 1,700 Bnei Menashe have settled in Israel over the past 15 years, with a further 7,000 waiting to immigrate. (Times of Israel) Pray that Israel’s new arrivals will feel deeply welcomed and settle in quickly to a new culture, language and the challenges of finding employment and housing.

ISRAELI SCIENTISTS HAVE HELPED DEVELOP LIFE-SAVING CANCER DRUGS: Israel has made disproportionately large contributions to the fight against cancer. A breakthrough in the 1980s by Israeli scientist Eli Canaani was critical to the development of Gleevec, a drug that has saved the lives of millions diagnosed with leukemia. Velcade, a drug used to treat bone marrow cancer, was based on the research of Israeli professors Avram Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover, and their collaborator Irwin Rose, who went on to win the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2004. Israeli scientists discovered the role that mutations in the p53 gene play in causing cancerous tumors, and how a minor mutation in the RAD51 gene increases the risk of breast cancer in women with the BRCA2 gene mutation. It was scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center who contributed to the platform science that resulted in the development of Doxil, the first drug encapsulated in a microscopic fat bubble for direct delivery to a tumor site. (JTA)

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