JNN Newsletter - May 6, 2017

“They dress the wound of My people as though it were not serious. 'Peace, peace,' they say, when there is no peace,” Jer. 6:14.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU: MAHMOUD ABBAS LIED TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: PM Benjamin Netanyahu accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of lying when he visited the White House on Wed. 3 May 2017. “I heard President Abbas yesterday say that they teach their children peace,” Netanyahu said, quoting Abbas’ statement to the media made during a joint press event with USA President Donald Trump. “That’s unfortunately not true,” said Netanyahu, who has embarked on a campaign to end payments by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists. “They, the Palestinians, name their schools after mass murderers of Israelis and they pay terrorists,” he said. His comments followed a number of statements from angry right-wing politicians, who were outraged that Abbas could speak of peace while at the same time issuing such payments, which helps inspire acts of terrorism against Israelis. White Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that the president wants Abbas to resolve the PA’s policy of paying terrorists and their families a monthly income. (J. Post)

COLUMN ONE: TRUMP’S TRAGIC MISTAKE: It is due to Trump’s heartfelt support for Israel and the USA-Israel alliance that his meeting Wed. 3 May 2017 with PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas at the White House is most discouraging. By meeting with Abbas, and committing himself to working toward achieving a peace deal between Abbas and his PLO and Israel, Trump undermines Israel. He also undermines himself and his nation. Israel is the most immediate casualty of Trump’s decision to embrace Abbas and the PLO, because the PLO is Israel’s enemy. Abbas is an anti-Semite. His doctoral dissertation, which he later published as a book, is a Holocaust denying creed. Abbas engages in anti-Semitic incitement on a daily basis, both directly and indirectly. It was Abbas who called for his people to kill Jews claiming that we pollute Judaism’s most sacred site, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, with our “filthy feet.” The Palestinian media and school system which he controls with an iron fist both regularly portray Jews as evil monsters, deserving of physical annihilation. Abbas’ PLO and his Palestinian Authority engage as a general practice in glorifying terrorist murderers. As has been widely reported in recent weeks, his PA and PLO also incentivize and underwrite terrorism to the tune of $300 million a year, which is paid, in accordance with PA law, to convicted terrorists sitting in Israeli prisons and their families. And that’s just the money we know about.

In welcoming Abbas to the White House, Trump chose to ignore all of this in the interest of fostering a peace deal between Israel and the PLO. There are three problems with this goal. First, the peace process between Israel and the PLO is predicated on the notion that the USA must pressure Israel to make massive concessions to the PLO. So simply by engaging in a negotiating process with the PLO, Trump has adopted an antagonistic position toward Israel. The second problem is that Abbas himself has proven, repeatedly, that he will never support a peace deal with Israel. Abbas opposed Israel’s peace offer at Camp David in 2000. He rejected then-prime minister Ehud Olmert’s peace offer in 2008. He rejected then-president Barack Obama’s peace offer in 2013. Since then, Abbas made no sign of moderating his position. The third problem with Trump’s decision to engage in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is that any hypothetical deal a hypothetical Palestinian leader would accept, would endanger Israel’s very existence. So in the unlikely event that he reaches “the deal,” his achievement will imperil Israel, rather than protect it. Again, Israel isn’t the only party harmed by Trump’s decision to embrace the Palestinian dictator whose legal term of office ended eight years ago. Trump himself is harmed by his move. (J.Post) Strong intercession is needed that USA President Trump and his administration will not fall - quickly or gradually - into the slimy deception that the Palestinian Authority and its chief, Mahmoud Abbas, can be turned into a friend for Israel. The Palestinian Authority is an entity having only one long lasting goal – not to build its own state – rather, to destroy the Jewish state.

TRUMP ASKED ABBAS TO RESOLVE ISSUE OF PAYMENT TO FAMILIES OF TERRORISTS IN ISRAELI JAILS: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Wed. 3 May 2017 that during President Trump's meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, "some of the topics that were discussed were: advancing the Israeli-Palestinian peace; preventing incitement to violence, particularly media outlets directly associated with the Palestinian Authority; strengthening efforts to combat terrorism, including defeating ISIS; measures to empower the Palestinian economy and provide economic opportunity for the Palestinian people. And, additionally, the President raised concerns about the payments to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who have committed acts of terror, and to their families, and emphasized the need to resolve this issue." (White House)

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY REJECTS ‘MAD’ REQUEST TO END PRISONER’S PAYMENT: Nabil Shaath, a senior foreign policy adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, said Thurs. 4 May 2017 that anyone who expects the Palestinian leadership to halt payments to Palestinian prisoners serving sentences in Israeli security prisons must be "mad." During an interview with Israel Radio, he added that such a demand would severely damage any prospects of Middle East peace negotiations. Shaath's statement came the day after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that the president wanted Abbas to "resolve" the PA's policy of paying terrorists and their families a monthly income. Spicer added that Trump told his Palestinian counterpart that the PA must also cease incitement broadcasted on Palestinian television. Hosting Abbas for his first official visit to the White House under the new administration, Trump announced during a joint press conference that the USA is launching a new diplomatic effort to reach a comprehensive peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, confidently stating that "we will get a deal done" between the two-sides. (J.Post) So much for President Trump’s polite request that the Palestinian Authority “resolve,” paying salaries - made available by the taxpayers of the USA and other countries - to terrorists relaxing in Israeli jails.

TRUMP’S TOLERANCE TOUR: FIRST TRIP TO RIYADH, JERUSALEM AND ROME: In an appeal for religious tolerance and unity against the scourge of radicalization, USA President Donald Trump has chosen to travel to Riyadh, Jerusalem and Rome on his first presidential trip overseas, senior administration officials confirmed on Thurs. 4 May 2017. The trip, starting on 19 May 2017 will mark the beginning of an initiative by the Trump administration to forge a coalition against religious extremism. “These are not going to be the traditional state visits like you’ve seen – these are really working visits,” one official said. Trump will convene Arab world leaders from across the region alongside Saudi royal family members in Riyadh. While in Rome, he will meet for the first time with Pope Francis. And in Jerusalem, Trump will for the first time offer details on his vision for a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace. The president will “lay out some terms for what we see as a peaceful future in that region,” one official said. “There’s a lot of alignment between President Trump and leaders of the Arab world – they see the same problems,” he added. “We’re looking to unify people around the same objectives.” The Trump administration recognizes the President will face challenges in rebooting the Israeli- Palestinian peace process – even with help from the Arab world – just one day after the president said that peace may not be as hard to achieve as people have long thought. “You have to try something – you have to take shots. This is what we think is a very smart first step in the region, in unifying the coalition,” one official said.” (J.Post) Intercede that Israel’s leaders will not give into international pressures to start this false peace process once again. As Albert Einstein rightly said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Let the Palestinians give up terrorism against Israel, educating its young to be jihad murderers of Israelis, glorifying terrorists as heroes, paying salaries to jailed murderers of innocent Israelis, media incitement, and making suicidal demands of the Jewish state, then – perhaps - the subject of peace can again be opened.

IS IT WISE TO ENLIST ARAB STATES TO HELP BREAK THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN DEADLOCK: Israel and several Arab regimes now face common threats from Iran and radical Islamic terrorism, a convergence of interests that is increasingly driving the former adversaries together. It is thought that the time could be ripe to have Arab countries step out of the shadows and take center stage in helping break the Israeli-Palestinian deadlock. But when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian problem, the differences over what would constitute an acceptable solution remain profound - with the Arab states, and certainly Arab public opinion, still overwhelmingly hostile to Israeli positions. Does it really make sense to stress test Israel's incipient and still-fragile cooperation with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states on the one issue that remains the source of their greatest disagreement? (Foreign Policy)

ISRAEL LASHES BACK AT UN AGENCY, CUTS FUNDING: Responding to the passage of a resolution that denies Israeli sovereignty over any portion of Jerusalem by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Israel has cut the amount in dues it pays the world body by an additional $1 million. The Jewish state paid $11 million in dues in 2016, but following passage of an anti-Israel resolution by the Security Council in January 2017 withheld $6 million in addition to $2 million withheld at the direction of PM Netanyahu after the UN Human Rights Council passed an anti-Israel resolution of its own. Underscoring the dire situation Israel finds itself in at the UN where it is the subject of more resolutions of condemnation than any other nation, PM Netanyahu attempted to lessen the absurd UN ruling by saying a positive sign was that fewer nations voted to condemn Israel this time than in previous cases. The Israeli Foreign Ministry called the Swedish ambassador in for a diplomatic dressing down because of its support of the UNESCO resolution. (Medialine)

ISRAELI COFFEE SHOP GRANTS DISCOUNT FOR BEING POLITE: In Israel, being polite to your barista might not only earn you a smile - it could also save you money. Café Café, one of the country’s largest coffeehouse chains, is now offering a 25 percent discount to customers at its 157 branches who say “please” and “thank you” when ordering a regular size cup of coffee, Globes reported on 3 May 2017. A cup of coffee will cost well-behaved patrons only 6 shekels, or $1.66, rather than 8 shekels, or $2.20. Café Café CEO Noam Zimerman told Globes that he hopes the initiative will “encourage more respectful conversation in Israel society.” He also expects it will benefit his company financially: The chain saw a 30 to 40% increase in new customers when the price of a cup of coffee was slashed to 8 shekels several years ago from 11 or 12. Zimerman anticipates a similar increase this time. (INN)

NATIONAL INSURANCE REPORT REVEALS ISRAEL’S POVERTY REMAINS DIRE: Israel’s latest annual welfare report, released late last 2016, revealed that poverty is persistently severe in the Jewish State. Vision for Israel & The Joseph Storehouse continues to provide desperately needed aid to poor Israelis. Many who suffer hardship, receive food, clothing and household necessities from our storehouse each week. Hospitals catering especially to the underprivileged and elderly obtain life-saving equipment and medical supplies, and hundreds of at-risk children are equipped with new school packs each school year. Your faithful donations help us to make these vital changes. Please continue to give at www.visionforisrael.com. For residents in the UK and outside N. America visit our website at www.josephstorehouse.co.uk.

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Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff