JNN Newsletter - March 6, 2017

“He rules forever by his power, his eyes watch the nations– let not the rebellious rise up against him.” Ps. 66:7

‘IRAN IS TRYING TO FORCE US TO OPEN A FRONT IN THE GOLAN’: Israeli PM Netanyahu spoke on 5 March, 2017 about his upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At their discussion scheduled for Thurs. 9 March 2017, Netanyahu intends to speak with Putin about Israel's opposition to the Iranian attempts to establish a permanent military and naval presence in Syria. "On Thursday I will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. One of the most important issues we will discuss is Iran's attempt to make an agreement with Syria. With or without Syria's agreement, Iran will attempt to establish a permanent military presence in Syria, both on land and at sea. In fact, Iran is attempting to slowly open a front in the Golan Heights. I will tell President Putin about my extreme opposition to this plan, and about the possibility Israel will choose to attack. I hope we will be able to come to the understandings necessary to prevent confrontations between Russian and Israeli forces - just as we have been able to do until now." (Arutz-7) Be prayerfully alert to events taking place in countries adverse to the Jewish state on the other side of Israel’s northern borders. This region, most immediately, includes Syria and Lebanon, out of which terrorists groups rabidly hostile to Israel and supported by Iran, operate. Pray that Iran will not be allowed to establish a permanent military and naval presence in Syria. End time alliance of nations that will come against Israel include: Magog (southern portion of the former Soviet Union; (Rosh - Russia; Meshech and Tubal) - Turkey; Persia (Iran); Cush – (Sudan); Put- (Libya). Current headlines suggest many of these players are coming together in ways that will lead to a proactive invasion force against Israel. Intercede for Israel’s divine wisdom and discernment in its dealings with Russia, and for the safety of Israel’s northern border communities.

UK PURIM CELEBRATION 2017: Join us in London for a special and joyous time as we pray and celebrate Purim together in remembrance of the heroic story of Mordecai and Esther and the salvation of the Persian Jews from the wicked plot of Haman. Special guest speakers include Pastor Jones Boateng, Pastor Wes Richards, Pastor Dennis Greenidge, Pastor Derek Walker and Pastor Candido Giraldo among others. There will be live worship with Barry and Batya Segal accompanied by Grenville Harding, authentic Jewish music from the Oysland Klezmer band and dancing from the Sh’ma Kingdom Dancers.

Date: Saturday 11 March 2017 - Venue: The Emmanuel Centre, 9 - 23 Marsham Street, Westminster, London - Start Time: 10.30am - Cost: £12.00. per person. Reserve your place by calling the UK office at: +44 (0)1793-279111, or book online at: 

IRAN AXIS IN SYRIA LEADS ISRAELI SECURITY CONCERNS: "The most important strategic issue we're currently facing is the strengthening of the Shiite axis led by Iran in Syria, especially after the fall of Aleppo," Hagai Tzuriel, director-general of Israel's Intelligence Ministry who served for 28 years in the Mossad, told media sources. Recent developments in Syria have created "a strong imbalance in the region to Iran's benefit. Yet at the same time, since Moscow decided to take a more engaged role in actively supporting the Assad regime, Iran's role as Damascus' main backer has been somewhat diminished. The Russians have managed to become the key player with only a few dozen aircraft. That's proof that political will and the readiness to use military force are key. For Israel, it is important to see the USA remaining active in Syria and the region," Tzuriel said. Continued USA involvement is crucial to Israel's interest in seeing Iran kept from extending hegemony to Syria, allowing the Islamic Republic to link Tehran and Beirut.

He said President Obama's decision, in 2013, to not use military force against Assad's regime despite its use of chemical weapons, "was a pivotal moment for the entire region. This moment changed everything. It showed Putin that the USA was not willing to use force. It opened the door for Russia to take center stage." For Israel, the most important issue is making sure Iran and its proxies aren't able to set up a base in Syria from which to attack Israel. "If Iran and Hezbollah manage to base themselves in Syria, it would be a permanent source of instability in the entire region," he said, referring specifically to the threat of an Iranian naval base on the Mediterranean. (Times of Israel)

‘LEBANESE ARMY WILL FIGHT ALONGSIDE HEZBOLLAH IN A WAR WITH ISRAEL': Since the Second Lebanese War between Israel and the Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah in 2006, the Lebanese army has rearmed itself, strengthening its ability in the air as well as on the ground and sea, with the help of the United States, France and Saudi Arabia. In the past two years, a new challenge has risen on the northern front. Should Israel go to war with Hezbollah, the Lebanese army would fight on the Shi’ite terrorist organization’s side, Israeli security officials said on Friday, 3 March 2017. According to the officials, unlike Israel’s 2006 war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, a future war would feature the Lebanese Armed Forces on Hezbollah’s side. The army had originally rearmed itself in order to deal with internal terrorism, however they also strengthened their ability to fight an army such as the IDF. While the army may not have specifically advanced weaponry, they do currently have more ability than before to fight the IDF, including more precise anti-tank rockets. The strengthening came from the army’s rearming as well as its commander- in-chief, Michel Naim Aoun and Hezbollah.” Aoun, 82 years old, was once a Lebanese Armed Forces officer, and in the 1980s was an ally to Israel. He has since changed his views, winning wider support and taking Lebanon’s presidential office in October 2016. In an interview with Egyptian TV two weeks ago, Aoun hinted that Hezbollah and the Lebanese Armed Forces are working side-by-side. “The Lebanese army is not strong enough to fight Israel face-to-face,” he stated. “Because of that, Hezbollah is necessary. There is no contradiction between them." (J.Post)

JORDAN HANGS 10 FOR ATTACKS LINKED TO ISLAMIC EXTREMISM: Jordan on 4 Jan. 2017 executed 10 prisoners with ties to Islamic extremism who carried out five shootings and a bombing since 2003. It was the largest round of executions in the kingdom in at least a decade. Among those killed in the attacks were a British tourist, an outspoken Jordanian critic of Islamic extremism and members of the Jordanian security forces. Saturday’s executions were the first since pro-Western Jordan launched a crackdown on Islamic terrorists two years ago, in response to the killing of a captured Jordanian fighter pilot by the ISIS group. Jordan is a part of a USA-led military coalition against ISIS. Government spokesman, Mohammed Momani, said the executions signal that “those who commit terrorism and threaten our national security will find the same destiny.” (Washington Times)

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY: 85% SAY THEY WANT SHARIA LAW: The Jerusalem Media & Communication Centre (JMCC) was established in 1988 by an Arab group of journalists and researchers in areas of Judea & Samaria now under Palestinian Authority control. In its most recent 2017 poll, 1199 PA residents people over the age of 18, randomly selected, were interviewed face-to-face The interviews were conducted in randomly selected homes in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Over 85% (!) said that the Palestinian Personal Status Law must be based on the principles of Islamic Sharia. Half of these said it must be exclusively Sharia, while the other half said it should be based both on Sharia and civil law. Only 14.7% said it should be based only on civil law. Another question was if they feel that Mahmoud Abbas "is performing his job as President of the PA: in a good, average or in a bad way?" 35.4% said, "bad," while 28.7% said, "good." It should be noted that in January 2005, Abbas was elected to head the PA until Jan. 2009; he is now in the 13th year of his four-year term. He has used the conflict between his Fatah faction and Hamas as an excuse to remain in power, as no elections have been held since he took office. 46.9% of the respondents said they prefer that elections be held even before a reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas is achieved. (Arutz-7)

SHARIA LAW: A BRIEF REVIEW: Sharia is the body of Islamic law implemented in Muslim countries across the world. All aspects of a Muslim's life are governed by Sharia, which is derived from a combination of sources including the Koran, the Hadith - the sayings and conduct of the prophet Muhammad - and fatwas, the rulings of Islamic scholars. Until recently, more modern Islamic nations operated a dual legal system with elements of secular law alongside it. As radical fundamentals have increasingly come to power in nations that now include even Turkey, the trend shifts dangerously. Terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other jihadist groups grasp for supremacy in order to rule wholly by the most primitive forms of Sharia. Unless prevented, the results will render women permanently without rights and in severe subjection to Muslim fathers, husbands and all male members of the family. It will shift entire populations backward to darkest centuries of oppression and cruelty. In a number of countries Sharia law indeed sanctions and carries out draconian penalties for crimes such as theft, adultery and blasphemy. Punishments include amputation of limbs, also death by stoning or lashes. (JNN) Pray the Gospel will go forth and triumph in these nations standing on the edge of or moving further into darkness.

USA DELEGATION IN ISRAEL TO STUDY RELOCATION OF EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM: An official United States delegation led by Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) visited Israel on March 4-5, 2017 to study the possibility of relocating the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The delegation has been here “to learn first-hand what it will mean to move the USA Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” said Ruth Lieberman, a friend of DeSantis and a political advisor in Israel. “Its leadership intends to return to Congress with a report and a deeper understanding of what to expect, and of some of the decisions that have to be made as well,” Lieberman said. DeSantis chairs the subcommittee for National Security for the USA House Oversight Committee. The delegation met with PM Netanyahu and other Israeli political leaders during their visit. USA President Donald Trump had promised to relocate the embassy during his campaign for the White House. The delegation’s visit is the first sign that there might be some movement on the issue. Palestinian and Jordanian leaders have warned the USA that moving the embassy could spark violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories, as well as in the Middle East region as a whole. (J. Post)

HEADSTONES OVERTURNED IN NEW YORK CEMETERY: Several headstones at Brooklyn's predominantly Jewish Washington Cemetery were vandalized on 4 March 2017. The New York Police Department and the Hate Crimes Division are investigating the incident's background. Israeli Consul in New York, Danny Dayan, told Kol Israel Radio the following morning that the Jewish community is worried about the recent wave of anti-Semitism in the USA. He also said parents are pulling their students out of Jewish community centers. However, Dayan said those who believe there is a connection between the anti-Semitic incidents and President Trump's election are mistaken and have no basis for their claims. In addition, he pointed out that many anti-Semites supported Bernie Sanders. This is not the first time an American Jewish cemetery has been vandalized. Last Thurs, 2 March 2017, headstones were toppled at the Rochester cemetery in New York. Mere days before that dozens of tombstones were overturned at the Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia. (Arutz-7)

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