JNN Newsletter - March 17, 2017

“Devote yourselves to prayer…” Col 4:2.

ISRAEL’S MK LAPID: UN HAS BECOME A TERRORIST COLLABORATOR: Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid on Wed. evening 15 March 2017 blasted a UN report accusing Israel of imposing apartheid on Arabs in Judea and Samaria. The entire report "is full of hatred and anti-Semitism", Lapid said. “Instead of an organization which defends freedom, democracy and liberal values, the UN has turned into a collaborator with terrorist organizations. Does anyone think it makes sense that a UN agency in which Syria and Sudan are members will preach morality to the State of Israel - the only democracy in the Middle East that protects the rights of its minorities and provides humanitarian aid to its enemies?” he continued. “Europe and the United States must make it unequivocally clear that as long as the campaign of incitement by the UN against Israel continues, they will stop supporting this organization that has long ago ceased to fulfill its role." Lapid added, "This week I held a series of meetings in Washington aimed at stopping the funding to the UN and convincing the United States to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council. I will continue to do so until that happens." (Arutz-7)

USA URGES UN TO SCRAP REPORT CALLING ISRAEL ‘APARTHEID’: The United States on Wed. 15 March 2017 demanded that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres withdraw a report by a UN body accusing Israel of imposing apartheid on Arabs in Judea and Samaria. Guterres distanced himself from the report by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) but USA Ambassador Nikki Haley said it should be scrapped altogether. "The United States is outraged by the report," said Haley. "The United Nations secretariat was right to distance itself from this report, but it must go further and withdraw the report altogether." The study concluded that "available evidence established beyond a reasonable doubt that Israel is guilty of policies and practices that constitute the crime of apartheid." Based in Beirut, ESCWA is comprised of 18 Arab countries, which lists the 'state of Palestine' as a full member. UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said "the report does not reflect the views of the secretary-general."

One of the authors is Richard Falk, a former special UN rapporteur on Palestinian human rights who has praised the Hamas terrorist organization and compared it to the French resistance during World War 2. "That such anti-Israel propaganda would come from a body whose membership nearly universally does not recognize Israel is unsurprising," said Haley. She described Falk as "a man who has repeatedly made biased and deeply offensive comments about Israel and espoused ridiculous conspiracy theories". Haley has accused the UN of being biased against Israel and has vowed as President Donald Trump's envoy to staunchly defend Israel at the world body. Israel's ambassador Danny Danon condemned the report, describing it as an "attempt to smear and falsely label the only true democracy in the Middle East." Danon said to label Israel as an apartheid regime was "despicable" and "a blatant lie." (Fox) “Surely the idolatrous commotion on the hills and mountains is a deception; surely in the Lord our God is the salvation of Israel” Jer 3:23.

GOP SENATORS ASK TILLERSON TO PROBE USA FUNDING OF SOROS GROUPS ABROAD: Republican senators are asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to investigate claims that USA taxpayer money is being used to back left-wing billionaire George Soros' political meddling and similar efforts overseas. A letter sent 14 March 2017 asked for a probe into how USA funds are being used by agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to back left-wing political groups in other countries. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, even said foreign officials and political leaders have come to him with "reports of USA activity in their respective countries." He explained, "This includes reports of diplomats playing political favorites, USAID funds supporting extreme and sometimes violent political activists, and the USA Government working to marginalize the moderates and conservatives in leadership roles. This sort of political favoritism from our missions around the world is unacceptable.” The letter to Tillerson followed a letter in Feb. 2017 from GOP lawmakers asking about whether USA tax dollars have been used in recent years to fund Soros-backed projects in the small, conservative-led country of Macedonia. (Fox)

MACEDONIA’S ETHNIC TENSIONS NEAR THE BOILING POINT (AND SOROS IS STIRRING THE POT): George Soros, the left-wing billionaire who wants to rule the world, is meddling with events that could plunge Macedonia into chaos or civil war, and escalate USA tensions with Russia. Locked between Greece, Kosovo and Albania – and friendly with none of them -- Macedonia is an ethnic patchwork of languages, religions and loyalties. Last year, elections left the nationalist ruling party weakened politically. A group of opposition parties that represent the country’s largely-Muslim Albanian minority put together a fragile coalition that could have let them form a new government. President Gjorge Ivanov, a member of the nationalist party, refused to accept the opposition coalition, claiming they were puppets of the Albanian government next door. Protesters from both sides spilled into the streets of the capital, Skopje, setting the stage for potential conflict.

Behind the scenes, Soros, a Hungarian-American hedge fund magnate, has reportedly been spending part of his considerable fortune to create groups in Macedonia that would further his socialist agenda. Among them: the Platform for Citizens Oriented Politics, Journalists for Human Rights, and an LGBT Support Center. Soros, whose track record leaves no doubt he favors the left of center challengers, is not shy about spending for causes he supports. He is said to have spent hundreds of millions of dollars for last week’s “Day Without Women” protests in the United States. He is also a prime force behind moveon.org. As many as 61 left-wing groups in Macedonia, affiliated with Soros’s Open Society Institute, received millions of dollars from the USA Agency for International Development and the State Department during Barack Obama’s administration. Several Republican congressmen recently wrote to the State Department to complain about this use of taxpayer dollars. The USA and the European Union have called on Ivanov to reverse his position and let the coalition of his opponents take power. Russia, on the other hand, backs Ivanov and says the West is trying to impose its will on Macedonia. Macedonia may not be at the top of President Trump’s concerns – yet. But it is an outlier of the potential conflicts in which the USA and Russia will find themselves on opposing sides. (Fox)

REVOLUTIONARY GUARD COMMANDER: HEZBOLLAH MORE PREPARED THAN EVER TO ATTACK ISRAEL: An assistant to a commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps revealed to Kuwaiti news sources that the Lebanon-based terrorist group, Hezbollah, has raised its level of preparedness and is ready to launch a massive attack against Israel with lethal results. The Iranian commander explained that Iran has opened factories in Lebanon for the purpose of manufacturing long-range missiles as well as other munitions and has recently passed ownership of the factories to Hezbollah. The Iranian official, who opted to remain anonymous, said that the decision to set up the factories in Lebanon was made due to "Israel's [alleged destruction] of munitions factories in Sudan, as well as the damage caused to munitions sources from Syria." The official quoted Iranian Defense Minister Hoseein Dehghan who has recently warned that Hezbollah was now capable of manufacturing rockets that could target every spot in Israel, from the very north to the southern border with Egypt. The official also said that a special faculty was opened at Imam Hossein University, which is owned by the Revolutionary Guard, where hundreds of Lebanese as well as foreign students are trained to manufacture rockets. The Iranian source explained that the facilities were built some 50 meters deep and protected by several defense systems to fend off Israel's fighter jets in case of attack. (J.Post) Intercede for the safety of Israel’s northern territory from terrorist groups located there and from hostile nations such as Iran, Lebanon and Syria that continue to build up military strength for future hostile encounters with Israel.

INTEL MINISTER: HEZBOLLAH’S GOLAN LIBERATION BRIGADE’ INCREASES IRAN RISK: The formation of a new Hezbollah brigade which aims to liberate the Golan Heights from Israel increases the threat posed by Iran on the northern border, Minister of Intelligence and member of Security Cabinet Israel Katz said this week. “The so called ‘Golan Liberation Brigade’ sharpens the threat posed by the presence of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria in general and on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights in particular. I have been saying for a long time that if Iran is allowed to base itself in Syria it will be a threat to Israel's national security and a constant source of regional instability and tension and friction with the Sunni majority in Syria and with the Sunni countries in the region as well,” Katz added. The latest Iranian proxy to be formed in Syria is a brigade that was announced last week at a press conference in Iran. “After the latest victories [in Syria and Iraq], we established the ‘Golan Liberation Brigade’, said an Iranian military source. According to the source, the brigade members are well trained special forces and well-armed, ready to assist the Syrian regime in retaking the Golan Heights, territory won by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War. The group also released a 45-second video promoting the newly formed Golan liberation brigade, with dozens of fighters marching with a banner reading “Israel will be destroyed.” (J.Post) “Moreover the multitude of your foes shall be like fine dust, and the multitude of the terrible ones like chaff that passes away. Yes, it shall be in an instant, suddenly.” Isa. 29: 5

SYRIAN CIVIL WAR DEATH TOLL: A Britain-based war monitor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed this week that so far about 465,000 people have been killed or are missing in Syria's bloody six-year civil war. The Observatory said it had documented the deaths of more than 321,000 people since the start of the war six years ago, and more than 145,000 others had been reported as missing. The Observatory estimated that the dead includes more than 96,000 civilians. However these figures did not include many other civilians missing, people whose fate is still unknown. The Norwegian Refugee Council’s Middle East director, Carsten Hansen, said, "Over the last year in Syria all parties involved have blocked vital aid supplies and millions have become poorer, hungrier and more isolated from assistance and from the world. We join the rest of the international humanitarian community on this milestone of shame to voice outrage at the plight of millions of civilians living in a downward spiral of despair." (Arutz-7/J.Post) Please intercede for Syria’s war-torn civilian population, together with its countless besieged children. “Deliver the poor and needy; free them from the hand of the wicked” Ps 82:4

ISRAEL TREATS MORE THAN 2,600 WOUNDED SYRIANS: Israel's medical services have treated more than 2,600 Syrians wounded during their country's conflict since 2013, despite the two nations being officially at war, the Israeli army said Tues. 14 March 2027. The wounded are transferred to the border where they receive first aid from Israeli medical teams before being taken to hospitals. Israel and Syria have been officially at war for decades, though the border between the two countries was largely quiet until the Syrian conflict broke out in 2011. The Jewish state has allegedly carried out a number of strikes inside Syria, targeting Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah, an Israeli arch-foe and ally of the Syrian regime. (INN)

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