JNN Newsletter - June 8, 2017

“When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers,” Prov. 21:15

OVER 130 IMAMS, RELIGIOUS LEADERS REFUSE TO PRAY FOR LONDON BRIDGE ATTACKERS: Over 130 Muslim religious leaders have refused to say funeral prayers for the terrorists who took part in last weekend’s London Bridge attack, a decision that was seen as “unprecedented” because the ritual is usually performed on the deceased no matter what his past actions. The imams and religious leaders agreed not to say the prayers and urged other leaders to join them. The decision was made as Muslim community leaders came out to support the effort to report extremism in their neighborhoods. “We, as Muslim Imams and religious leaders, condemn the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London in the strongest terms possible,” the Muslim leaders said. “Coming from a range of backgrounds, and from across the UK; feeling the pain the rest of the nation feels, we have come together to express our shock and utter disgust at these cold-blooded murders. We are deeply hurt that a spate of terror attacks have been committed in our country once more by murderers who seek to gain religious legitimacy for their actions. We seek to clarify that their reprehensible actions have neither legitimacy nor our sympathy.” USA Secretary of State Rex Tillerson applauded the move. He said he was encouraged by the imams and said that the decision means they are condemning the attackers’ souls. The funeral prayer asks for forgiveness of the dead. (Fox)

RIFT DEEPENS BETWEEN GULF ARAB NATIONS: Four Arab nations cut diplomatic ties to Qatar on 5 June 2017, further deepening a rift among Gulf Arab nations over that country's support for Islamist groups and its relations with Iran. Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates all announced they would withdraw their diplomatic staff from Qatar. All the nations additionally said they planned to cut air and sea traffic, isolating the tiny, energy-rich country from the outside world. The countries all ordered their citizens out of Qatar and gave Qataris abroad 14 days to return home to their peninsular nation. The countries also said they would eject Qatar’s diplomats from their territories. Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates began withdrawing their diplomatic staff from Qatar as regional airlines quickly announced they’d suspend service to its capital, Doha. Saudi Arabia said it took the decision to cut diplomatic ties due to Qatar's "embrace of various terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region" including the Muslim Brotherhood, [parent of the Hamas terrorist group, ruling in the Gaza Strip], al-Qaida, ISIS and groups supported by Iran in the kingdom's restive eastern province of Qatif. Qatar is also home to the sprawling al-Udeid Air Base, which is home to the USA military's Central Command and some 10,000 American troops. It wasn't clear if the decision would affect American military operations. (AP)

FOLLOWING QATAR AFFAIR, ‘ISRAEL IS WILLING TO COOPERATE WITH ARAB COUNTRIES TO FIGHT TERROR’: Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman reacted on Mon. 5 June 2017 to several Middle Eastern countries' shocking decision to sever ties with Qatar, saying that it served as a great opportunity for Israel to join forces with its neighbors in the battle against Islamic terror. "Even Arab states understand that the risk to this region is not Israel, but rather terrorism- this is an opportunity to collaborate," he stated. Liberman said that countries that cut ties with Qatar out of fear of radical Islamic terrorism are actually enabling Israel to reach out to them to cooperate in the fight against terror. The ball is in the others' court," he continued, implying that Israel would wait for other Arab countries to reach out to it following their abrupt decision Monday. The Sunni countries' decision to disconnect from Qatar will have a dramatic influence on Israel, Labor leadership candidate Omer Bar Lev said Monday, echoing Liberman's assessment. Bar Lev said Qatar fuels Hamas and other Islamic fundamentalist terror groups while also giving money that goes through Israel for rehabilitating Gaza. Zionist Union MK Eyal Ben-Reuven, who is a former IDF major-general, said the Qatar decision indicated Israel's shared interests with the moderate Arab world that also opposes Iran. "Israel should take advantage of this unity for its struggle against Iran, the world's central exporter of terror," Ben-Reuven said. (J.Post)

SENATE APPROVES RESOLUTION ON JERUSALEM REUNIFICATION: The Senate on Mon. 5 June 2017, unanimously passed a resolution marking the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War. The resolution, which passed by a 90-0 vote, calls on President Donald Trump to "abide by" a 1995 law which stipulates that the USA Embassy in Israel would move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It says that “Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel in which the rights of every ethnic and religious group are protected.” It adds that “Jerusalem is a holy city and the home for people of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths” and advocates a two-state outcome based on direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in a Monday floor speech called for support of the resolution. "In honor of this significant anniversary for our close ally, many Senators from both sides of the aisle are joining together in a resolution to mark the occasion today," McConnell said. "While we know that Israel continues to face a number of threats, bipartisan passage of this resolution will serve as yet another indication of the United States' commitment to standing by our Israeli friends," he added. (INN)

‘THE USA MUST STOP SUPPORTING THE PA’: Israel's Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan spoke Tues. 6 June 2017, at the World Leaders Plenary of the American Jewish Committee’s Forum in Washington DC. The forum saw the participation of heads of state, foreign ministers, senior USA officials, diplomats and Jewish leaders from 75 countries - and over 2,500 people. Minister Erdan presented his program for an international coalition in the war on terror which would include Israel, the West, “moderate” Arab states, Europe, and other countries. He emphasized that, even today, countries are interested in learning from the steps that Israel has taken against the “terror wave” of the last two years. Erdan called on the USA to stop funding the Palestinian Authority. “Abbas is sending a message to children growing up in the PA that terror pays. Not one cent of American taxpayer money should be going to fund terrorists.” He added that “Today, more and more leaders are coming to understand that terror is terror, whether it hits the USA, England, Egypt, or Israel. We have taken a number of steps that have led to a decrease in terror incidents: The fight against incitement on social media, the removal of legal status from inciting organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and the uncovering and drying up of sources of terror funding. The time has come to apply these steps to the whole world, and to establish an international coalition in the war on terror and the incitement driving terror. A global challenge requires a global response. Israel is ready to take a central role in leading the new coalition,” Erdan said. (Arutz-7) The Palestinian Authority spent some $322 million on payments to terrorists in 2016, a former Israeli Military Intelligence official revealed days ago. Pray that this vile use of foreign aid money from the USA and other Western nations will completely be cut off. Intercede that the issue will continue to be exposed and opposed until payments to Palestinian terrorist cease.

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NETANYAHU: WE WON’T CEDE SECURITY CONTROL OF THE JORDAN VALLEY: Israel’s PM Netanyahu on 5 June 2017 pledged that he would not cede military control of the Jordan Valley in any future peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority. "We seek peace with our neighbors, a real peace that will last for generations. That is why in any agreement -- or without an agreement -- we shall maintain security control over all the territory west of the Jordan river," he added. "We insist that the Palestinians finally recognize Israel as the national home of the Jewish people. That is the foundation for peace, and refusal is what prevents achieving it," he stressed. “It is not because of the territories and the settlements,” the prime minister continued, noting the history of conflict between Jews and Arabs in the area from 1920, long before the establishment of Israel in 1948 and the capture of Judea & Samaria in 1967. Even before 1967, the Arabs “wanted to get rid of us from Tel Aviv, and after we pulled out of Gaza in 2005 they still want to get rid of us from Tel Aviv,” Netanyahu said. “The root of this problem was and still is that continued refusal by the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a the homeland of the Jewish people in any borders.”

There have been calls on Israel to withdraw from the Jordan Valley as part of a future agreement with the Palestinian Authority . Israeli experts have warned that the area is strategically critical and that allowing the IDF to withdraw from the region and letting the PA take control would be a serious security threat to Israel. USA President Trump is currently in the process of launching an initiative to resume peace negotiations between the sides. (INN/Times of Israel) It must be said again that while not giving up the dream of peace, it’s important to face the fact that radical Islam, including the PA and the Gaza-ruled Hamas terrorist organization, does not have peace in mind in its ideologies and strategies regarding Israel. They have said it loud and clear, privately and publicly. They have underscored their intentions toward Israel with blood, suicide and the sacrifice of their own children to doctrines of lies and hatred. Please intercede that Israel’s leaders will not give into international pressures to start this false process once again.

SEARS DEPARTMENT STORE NOW PEDDLING 'FREE PALESTINE' T-SHIRTS: Times must be tough in the appliances sector: Classic American home goods department store Sears has turned to commercializing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Now with your washer-dryer, customers can pick up a women's "Free Palestine" t-shirt in their choice of six colors. The t-shirt features a fist in the colors of the Palestinian flag, with the words "Free Palestine, End Israeli Occupation" emblazoned on the front. The product description encourages shoppers to "Make a statement about the Arab-Israeli conflict with this powerful design." A Sears representative was not immediately available for comment. Meanwhile, social media is responding to the advertisement by Sears featuring the slogan "Free Palestine" on sweatshirts, T-shirts and tank tops. Other variations include the Palestinian Authority flag or its colors, a map of Israel and a V for victory salute, as well as upraised fists, and masked figures. One person reacted on Facebook by saying, "Time to boycott Sears...." (J.Post/INN) Indeed, it’s probably a good time to shop elsewhere - not only for appliances but for clothes, shoes and everything else Sears handles. Pray that many customers and people will shout loudly about this anti-Israel, violence inciting apparel and that it will be off the shelves and out of the Sears catalogs immediately!

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