JNN Newsletter - June 30, 2017

“He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Ps. 121:4

‘THE NEXT WAR WILL BE BLOODY’: A TRIP ALONG ISRAEL’S TENSE NORTHERN BORDER: Israel’s northernmost village of Metulla with a population of close to 2,000 people sits on the Lebanese border and despite the ever-present risk of conflict with Hizbullah the community continues to grow. Metulla is one of the centers that is expected to be evacuated in the event of a war between Israel and the Shiite Lebanese terror group. “The next war will be pretty bloody for both sides. Israel will evacuate its population and I suggest the Lebanese do the same,” said Lt. Col. (Res.) Sarit Zehavi. Israel has never carried out a mandatory evacuation of any community since the founding of the state but in addition to the threat posed by Hizbullah’s stockpile of more than 100,000 rockets, the IDF is now concerned about the very real possibility of ground attacks by the terror group against Israeli civilian communities in border communities. Zehavi explained that there are two scenarios which would lead to a war on the Lebanese front. “One would be Iran deciding to give the order to attack Israel and the other would be a miscalculation by either side which would escalate into a full blown war." Hizbullah, which is supported by the majority of the Shiite population has not only inserted itself into every aspect of civil life but is said to be using civilian homes to store its weapon and rebuilt and improved its arsenal with the help of Iran. (J.Post)

POVERTY IN ISRAEL IS HARSH: PLEASE GIVE: Vision for Israel & The Joseph Storehouse continues to provide desperately needed aid to poor Israelis. Many who suffer hardship, including Holocaust survivors, and victims of terror, receive food, clothing and household necessities from our storehouse each week. Hospitals catering especially to the underprivileged and elderly obtain life-saving equipment and medical supplies, and hundreds of at-risk children are equipped with new school packs each school year. All of this, and so much more is being provided through your generous donations. Please continue to assist us to do all that we can. Your financial gifts are welcome and appreciated at: www.visionforisrael.com. For residents in the UK and outside N. America visit our website at www.josephstorehouse.co.uk.

IRAN’S FLAG ON ISRAEL’S BORDER: “WE ARE COMING”: Jerusalem Post senior editor Seth Frantzman spent Tues. 27 June 2017 touring the Lebanese and Syrian borders with Israel. He had this to report. “Across the border, near the Hizbullah flags, is a large banner with the Iranian flag, a visible presence of Iran just a stone's throw from Israel. On a hill overlooking Metulla is another huge poster with the face of Ayatollah Khomeini glowering down over the Dome of the Rock. Hizbullah has written "we are coming" in Hebrew and Arabic. Here is Iran glowering down on Israel from the north. Iran is reaching a peak of influence and power in the region. Its tentacles stretch across Syria and Iraq and Hizbullah is emboldened. Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah boasts of bringing thousands of foreign fighters to help him attack Israel. He sees Shi'ites from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen joining the assault.” (J.Post) The dangers to Israel present in the ongoing Syrian conflict cannot be underestimated – especially in the light of scripture: “The word of the Lord came to me again: ‘What do you see?’ ‘I see a pot that is boiling,’ I answered. ‘It is tilting toward us from the north.’ The Lord said to me, ‘from the north disaster will be poured out upon all who live in the land,’” Jer 1: 13-14. How vital is the need for ongoing prayer that the escalating cataclysm in Syria - spilling over into Israel - be somehow contained and brought under control.

IRAN LAUNCHES “HIZBULLAH SYRIA” TO OPEN A NEW FRONT AGAINST ISRAEL ON THE GOLAN HEIGHTS: Iran views Syria (with or without Assad) as its principal arena of conflict with the West and with "heretic Sunni Islam" (under the leadership of Saudi Arabia).The Iranian Jomhouri Eslami newspaper stated: "The establishment of Syria's Hizbullah will also be a strong arm of the resistance that will cause nightmares for the Zionists. The Zionist regime that was concerned about threats from the Lebanese borders, now should prepare itself for a new situation on the Golan Heights front." Iran's defense posture is designed to distance the Iranian homeland from any threat, to conduct the campaign against Israel and the West in areas distant from Iran, and to use Syrian and Lebanese territory to deter Israel or retaliate if its nuclear installations are attacked. In the buds of "Hizbullah Syria" lay the infrastructure for enhanced Iranian subversion in the Golan Heights, which is perceived by Iran as a new and extended confrontation line with Israel. (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

WHY IRAN AND ISRAEL MAY BE ON THE VERGE OF CONFLICT – SYRIA: Some Israelis like to go to the Golan, where from the safety of a ramp overlooking the valley below, they can watch - no binoculars needed - the most consequential regional event of the age: the Syrian civil war. This week, however, the Israel Defense Forces closed the area for visitors, letting in only the local farmers who worried about missing the cherry harvest. That’s because for three days in a row, mortar shells flew across the border onto the Israeli-controlled side of the Golan, putting war spectators at too much risk. Most likely, the shells overflew their real target: one of the sides in the increasingly heated battle in an area around Quneitra, a town divided between Israel and Syria. Various Sunni militias are entrenched in the area, and Syrian forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad are trying to clear them out. Control of the road between Quneitra and Dara to the south (where the uprising against Assad started six years ago) is key for the Syrian army -and even more so for its patrons in Tehran. By capturing this road, and the area east of Israel and north of Jordan, they can establish a land corridor from Iran, through Iraq, to Damascus and Syria’s neighbor, Lebanon.

The Syria war is complex, involving many powers pulling in all directions. But Iran and its allied militias - Shiite Iraqis, foreigners from Afghanistan and elsewhere, Hizbullah, Assad’s army - have emerged as a chief worry for policymakers in Riyadh, Amman and Jerusalem. The concern for Israeli policymakers is that Iran and its allied militias, already in control of south Lebanon, are trying to cement a beachhead in Syria. And that’s exactly what’s happening. IDF intelligence chief Herzi Halevi said Iran is also building arms factories in Lebanon, a country now dominated by its local proxy, Hizbullah. USA forces are reportedly also operating there in growing numbers and President Trump has made clear his predecessor’s romance with Tehran was just a fling. The administration has been warning Iran to watch its step as it stomps around the Middle East (NY Post) The Syrian government, Russia, and Iran are trying the change the demographic makeup of Syria, aiming to depopulate Syria of Sunni Arabs. All three see themselves in an existential battle against radical Sunnis and are now moving to repopulate formerly Sunni areas of Syria with Shiites - mostly from Iraq. In Russia, where 98% of the Muslims are Sunni, the Russian government has undertaken a program - with some success - to entice Russian Sunnis to convert to Shiism.

CNN PRODUCER ADMITS: NO PROOF ON TRUMP’S RUSSIAN TIES: In a bombshell video released by Project Veritas, CNN producer John Bonifield is caught on a hidden camera admitting that the network’s narrative about President Donald Trump being involved with Russia is “mostly bull...t,” and admitting that instructions to spread the fake news comes straight from their CEO, Jeff Zucker. Speaking generally about the Russian hysteria being publicized on CNN's website, Bonifield admits they do not have any “giant proof” of wrongdoing. (Arutz-7)

THREE CNN JOURNALISTS RESIGN AFTER FAKE NEWS ON TRUMP: Three prominent journalists at CNN resigned this week after the news network was forced to retract and apologize for a story on its website involving a close ally of President Trump. The article - linking Anthony Scaramucci, a hedge-fund manager and Trump confidant, to a Russian investment fund supposedly being investigated by the Senate - was removed from CNN.com late last week after the network decided it could not fully stand by its reporting. The resignations come at a sensitive moment for the news organization, which has emerged as a regular target of President Trump and his supporters. The president relishes dismissing the network’s coverage as “fake news,” and his closest advisers have accused the channel of harboring a bias against Mr. Trump. (INN)

“ISRAEL IS LEADING THE FIGHT AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING”: For the sixth time in a row, Israel ranked in the top category on the USA list of countries fighting human trafficking. The report has been published annually since 2001, and divides 187 countries into three groups, according to how active they are in fighting the issue. For over a decade, Israel's ranking held fast in the second group, until it moved into the first group in 2012. Since then, Israel has retained its ranking as a top country. Israel fights human trafficking in three main ways: Prevention, enforcement, and protecting the victims. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said, "The report classifies Israel as one of the best countries, and that's good news for the State of Israel. We are working to eradicate the cruel practice of human trafficking. We will continue to work in order to ensure that the modern world ends slavery forever." (Arutz-7)

ISRAEL DEFENSE PRIZE GIVEN TO ARROW 3 ANTI-BALLISTIC MISSILE DEVELOPERS: The Israel Defense Prize was given this week to the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile project. The prize was also given to a project led by the Prime Minister's Office, whose details were not made public. The Arrow 3 is an Israeli developed, long-range, surface-to-surface missile system that is funded by several Israeli security organizations. It is considered one of the best anti-missile defense systems in the world, due to its long-range capabilities and high precision level. Though its details were not revealed, the second project to be given the award was chosen due to its "extraordinary operational daring, combined with impressive technological innovation." (Ynet)

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