JNN Newsletter - July 4, 2017

“Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, ‘The Lord has done great things for them.’” Ps. 126.2

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INDIA PRIME MINISTER’S TOUR UNDERSCORES INCREASED BILATERAL TIES WITH ISRAEL: Cooperation on defense, agriculture and water management issues will be discussed when PM Minister Narendra Modi visits Israel on July 4-6, 2017. Modi will be the first prime minister from India to visit Israel. The Indian leader’s visit this week is also special because it underscores the 180-degree turn the bilateral ties have undergone. For many decades, India was led by a staunchly anti-Israel socialist party that supported every diplomatic effort to attack the Jewish state. Modi, however, has drawn parallels between the renaissance of the Jewish people and the challenges facing his own country. Both countries face the same threat from Islamic terrorism. About a year ago, India stopped supporting anti-Israel resolutions at the UN. According to the Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv, there are 85,000 Jews of Indian origin in Israel. (Israel Hayom) Pray for Israel’s increasingly good relationships with formally bias and estranged nations – also that the Jewish state will be recognized and honored for its widespread contributions to humanity.

ISRAEL TURNED DESERTS GREEN, THERE IS NO REASON KENYANS SHOULD GO HUNGRY: Israeli Ambassador Yahel Vilan recently discussed Israel's assistance to Kenya in agriculture, especially the Galana-Kulalu irrigation project in Tana River. Vilan called the pilot project a success that will help transform Kenyan agriculture. "The goal of Galana is to ensure every farmer in Kenya sees how these technologies can work here. We have seen governors and ministers going to Israel and saying it is working there and they want to see it working in Kenya." (The Star Kenya)

ISRAEL DONATES WHEELCHAIRS TO DISABLED VIETNAMESE CHILDREN: The Embassy of Israel in Viet Nam last week handed out 15 wheelchairs to children with disabilities in Ho Chi Minh City. Wheelchairs of Hope, together with Israel's Alyn Pediatric Rehabilitation Hospital, are providing good-quality, lightweight wheelchairs with an attractive design. Israeli embassy chief of mission Doron Lebovich said 100 wheelchairs would be given out to children this month. (dta News) “And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Gen 12:3

ISRAEL-USA FOUNDATION COMMITS $7M. TO EIGHT HI-TECH R&D PARTNERSHIPS: The Israel-USA Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD) has announced that it will invest some $7 million in eight new Israeli-American projects across a wide range of hi-tech disciplines. The projects will each receive conditional grants of up to $1m., to advance joint research ventures in topics such as autonomous vehicles, digital health, homeland security and nanotechnology. Since its establishment in 1977, with grants from the USA and Israeli governments, the BIRD Foundation has launched “hundreds of successful joint projects, creating opportunities for Israeli companies and Israeli innovations to enter into new markets, in the USA and elsewhere,” said Economy Minister Eli Cohen. “The foundation’s support of these R&D ventures is evidence of the strong bond that exists between Israel and the USA and is an important expression of trust that will enable Israel to continue to advance in these areas around the world.” (J. Post)

ISRAEL – 70 YEARS CELEBRATION TOUR: After a very fun and successful tour this spring in Israel, we are already announcing next year's "Israel - 70 Years Celebration" tour for 2018. The date of arrival and beginning of the tour in Israel will be April 15 and the departure date or end of tour will be on April 23. This is a one time opportunity to celebrate with the Israeli nation 'for such a time as this' during Independence Day. For more information as it develops, go to www.visionforisrael.com or make sure you are receiving the JNN news and prayer updates.

ISRAEL SECURITY AGENCY HAS THWARTED 2,000 ATTACKS WITH CYBERTECH: The Israel Security Agency has used cybertechnology to prevent more than 2,000 terror attacks since the beginning of 2016, agency head Nadav Argaman told a conference at Tel Aviv University last week. He said Israeli intelligence agencies have also passed on information to stop terrorists elsewhere in the world. He noted that groundbreaking cybertechnology has helped to protect against lone-wolf attacks that would have been unpreventable using traditional intelligence means. He added that hackers who attempt to attack Israel are in for a surprise. "We are not only defending but also attacking hackers in the world. Hackers who operate against Israel find they experience unexpected problems. We learn the patterns of activities of the enemy and know how to surprise him with counterattacks in many different ways." (Times of Israel) Pray that Israel will continue to develop successful methods to avert terrorist attacks both locally and globally.

NEW ISRAELI DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM ENABLES CUSTOMIZED ANTIBIOTIC TREATMENTS: A diagnostic system developed at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology enables rapid and accurate customization of the antibiotic to the patient. The system makes for faster diagnostics, earlier and more effective treatment of infectious bacteria, and improved patient recovery times. The innovative SNDA-AST system quickly analyzes bacteria in urine samples from patients with infections and assesses their level of resistance to specific antibiotics. This enables the healthcare team to choose the most effective antibiotic a day or two earlier than traditional methods. (News-Medical)

ISRAEL’S FIRST MEDICS COURSE GIVEN IN SIGN LANGUAGE: Israel’s first emergency medical services course for medics to be taught to the deaf in sign language has been organized for volunteers in United Hatzalah. After becoming the first deaf emergency medical technician in the country, Nechama Loebel has broken barriers for the deaf and hard of hearing community, by instructing the first such course in sign language. “It is my dream to be able to take this lifesaving information available to other members of the deaf and hard of hearing community in Israel,” said Loebel. United Hatzalah, the nationwide voluntary and free rescue and first-aid service, offers family safety courses that are comprised of basic EMS skills including CPR and proper procedures for treating common injuries such as burns, choking, light wounds and broken bones. Loebel felt it was important to offer these classes to those with hearing disabilities in a language they understand. “The goal is to provide as many people as we can with the basic tools they need to save a life in an emergency. There is no reason that the deaf community should be excluded from that,” she said. (J. Post)

ISRAELI RESEARCHES DEVELOP NEW WAY TO PROTECT ANDROID DEVICES: Cyber security researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have developed an innovative firewall program that adds a missing layer of security in Android cellphones and monitors for malicious code. The vulnerability pinpointed by program developer, Dr. Yossi Oren and his team, is located outside the phone's standard storage mechanism – in the "field-replaceable units" such as touchscreens, charger, batteries or sensor assemblies. Field-replaceable units are susceptible to significant security breaches, including password and financial theft, fraud, and unauthorized app downloads, the researchers explained. "There is no way for the phone itself to discover that it’s under this type of an attack,” said research fellow Omer Schwartz. “Our solution prevents a malicious or misconfigured FRU from compromising the code running on the CPU by checking all the incoming and outgoing communication.” (J.Post)

PLEASE HELP US TO ASSIST ISRAEL’S POOR: Vision for Israel continues in its decades-long endeavors to impart comfort and provision for many of the nation’s poor, including terrorist victims and their families, the elderly and Holocaust survivors, children at risk and entire households suffering from poverty. Please give generously at www.visionforisrael.com For residents in the UK and outside N. America visit our website at www.josephstorehouse.co.uk Your donations are deeply needed and appreciated.

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Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff