JNN Newsletter - August 4, 2017

“Those who war against you shall be as nothing…. For I,  the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you,  ‘Fear not, I will help you.’” Isa. 41: 12-13

LEAK REVEALS KUSHNER SUPPORT FOR ISRAELI POSITION ON TEMPLE MT. CONTROVERSY: Senior Adviser Jared Kushner’s recent phone call to Jordan’s King Abdullah II was touted as a turning point in defusing the controversy over security measures on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount that sparked two weeks of rioting. However, a leaked recording of remarks Kushner made – thinking them to have been off the record - show his support for the Israeli position and his belief that “there may be no solution” to the ongoing standoff between Israel and the Palestinians. The recording was made during a session with Congressional aides and leaked to media sources. Kushner was heard explaining that the demonstrations were triggered by the killing of two Israeli policemen on the Temple Mount, so deploying metal detectors was “not an irrational thing to do.” But, he continued, the Palestinians then “start inciting it.” Kushner spoke about the incident in Amman where an Israeli embassy guard was attacked by a teen wielding a screwdriver and managed to draw his weapon and kill the assailant and a bystander who was struck by shrapnel. The incident was immediately toxic to the Israel-Jordan relationship and Kushner was tasked by the president to smooth things over.

The recording showed Kushner to be supportive of Israel and PM Netanyahu in all aspects of the Temple Mount and Jordan embassy issues. Explaining the Trump administration position, Kushner said, “we’re trying to work with the parties very quietly to see if there’s a solution. And there may be no solution, but it’s one of theproblem sets that the president asked us to focus on.” Prior to the release of Kushner’s conversation, he and his colleagues assigned to the Israeli-Palestinian peace track had come under strong criticism for, in the opinion of many Palestinians, “representing Israel.” Days ago Palestinian chief negotiator and secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization Saeb Erekat blasted the Trump administration for not taking the position that the ultimate goal of the negotiations is a Palestinian state within pre-1967 borders. He argued that the Trump administration’s silence is interpreted by Israeli officials as carte blanche to do what they like. (Medialine) Pray that Palestinian and global leaders, will understand that there is zero chance Israel is going to comply with any plan for a future Palestinian state based on pre-1967 lines. A long line of Israeli government and military leaders have considered such an objective to be “suicidal,” for the Jewish state.

ISRAEL CANNOT RETURN TO THE PRE-1967 BORDERS: Israel cannot return to the pre-1967 borders. It would leave the center of the country a mere nine miles wide and its borders indefensible. The Jewish State could be cut in two by an Arab tank charge in just minutes. Arab forces would be positioned all along Israel’s eastern border, taking in the areas that contain the greatest concentration of Israel’s population, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. Israel would be stripped of its protective Judea-Samaria mountain ranges. USA Lieut.-General Thomas Kelly, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War, pointed out that Israel would be virtually indefensible without those mountainous areas. An Israeli retreat to the pre-1967 borders would also include the re-division of Jerusalem. The Arabs would gain control of the Old City section of Jerusalem (known as “east Jerusalem”), which includes the holiest sites in Judaism, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. That area also includes the historic Jewish Quarter and the Mount of Olives cemetery, which is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world. An Israeli retreat to the indefensible pre-1967 borders would encourage further Arab attacks and lead to an all-out war. (JNN)

ISRAELIS MARCH DEMANDING ACCESS TO TEMPLE MOUNT AND BUILDING OF THIRD TEMPLE: Monday evening 31 July 2017, marked the beginning of the Jewish fast of Tisha B'Av, which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples. Thousands of Israelis participated in an annual march around the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, with a special focus on the Temple Mount. Though it is Judaism's holiest site, Jews are still not allowed to pray there due to threats of Muslim violence. Government officials participating in the march noted that the people of Israel are seeking much more than just the right to pray atop a Muslim-occupied Temple Mount. "Everyone who came here tonight proved with his feet that we want the Temple back - and quickly," Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan told reporters. On the eve of the fast of Tisha B’Av, statistics were published showing an increase of more than 15% in the number of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount. Some 100,000 Jews visited the Western Wall during this year's Tisha B'Av. (Arutz-7)

2017 LONDON VFI FEAST OF TABERNACLES: Celebrate the most joyful holiday in the Jewish calendar with us! The Feast of Tabernacles is a time to give thanks and praise to God for His faithfulness and provision. If you can’t make it to Israel, come celebrate, worship and fellowship with us in London. Special Guest Speakers include Pastor Wes Richards, Pastor Dennis Greenidge, Pastor Derek Walker and Barry & Batya Segal. Venue: Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3DW; Times: Friday 20th October: from 7.30pm. Saturday 21st: from 10:30am. Cost: £15 per person (no charge for children aged 12 and under). BOOK NOW! By calling the UK office on 01793 279 111 or online at; https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-feast-of-tabernacles-2017-tickets-34790411056

REPORT: PA SAYS IRAN INVESTED IN TEMPLE MOUNT RIOTING: Tens of thousands of Arabs who crowded the alleys of Jerusalem's Old City during last week's disturbances about the Temple Mount were given packages of food and drink every few hours, along with a quote from Ayatollah Khamenei: "With the help of Allah, Palestine will be liberated! Jerusalem is ours," with a picture of the Dome of the Rock and the Palestinian flag in the background. A PA source said the Iranian intention to distribute food and drink to the demonstrators was known to PA organizations, but they did not transfer the information to the defense establishment in Israel due to a freeze on cooperation and security coordination declared by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The official said, "In the Palestinian-controlled territory, it would not have happened. We would not allow the Iranians to have such a foothold, because it would come back to us as a boomerang in the response of the Arab countries." A senior official in Abbas' office said, "The Iranians do not hesitate to send their tentacles everywhere. It was a big mistake to allow them such a foothold." (INN)

AT HAMAS SUMMER CAMP, TEENS “LIBERATE” AL AQSA MOSQUE, “KILL” ISRAELI SOLDIERS: A video posted on a Palestinian website on 19 July 2017, shows teens at the final ceremony of a summer camp in Gaza run by the Hamas terrorist group, stabbing and killing Israeli soldiers as they storm and "liberate" the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Several dozen youngsters prayed outside a makeshift "electronic gate” manned by teens dressed as Israeli soldiers and carrying mock rifles. The group assails the soldiers with paper rocks, and amid the ensuing attack, the announcer declares that "one martyr has fallen while carrying out a stabbing operation and killing one of the Zionist pigs." Other teens join the fray, ultimately "blowing up" the security measures and "liberating the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the defilement of the occupation." (Memri)

FIRST GERMAN CITY SET TO PASS ANTI-BDS BILL: Council members from the two largest parties in Munich – the capital of the German state of Bavaria – are submitted a bill banning municipal funding and support for BDS activities. The legislation, titled “Against every form of anti-Semitism – No cooperation with the anti-emitic BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement,” is expected to be enacted after the summer break. According to the bill, the municipality will “not provide city premises for BDS campaigns, events, exhibits or demonstrations that pursue the goals of BDS.” In addition, the legislation states it will “not support events in the form of grants to groups” that advocate BDS. Supportive lawmakers said the bill is justified because of widespread modern anti-Semitism in Germany targeting the Jewish state. The council members noted that a recent federal government expert report on anti-Semitism said 40% of Germans hold Israel-related anti-Semitic views. (J.Post)

SPAIN TO CREATE ISRAELI LADINO ACADEMY TO PRESERVE THE LANGUAGE: Spain’s leading linguistic authority will create an academy in Israel dedicated to the study and preservation of the Ladino language. The institution will be the 24th branch of the Spanish Royal Academy. Dario Villanueva, director of the Spanish Royal Academy, said Ladino is “an extraordinarily important cultural and historical phenomenon”. Nine Ladino specialists have been appointed to help start the institution’s work. Ladino, sometimes referred to as Judeo-Spanish, is an endangered species in the language world. Some estimates say less than 100,000 people currently know how to speak it.“The idea isn’t to absorb Ladino into modern Spanish, it’s to preserve it,” said Villanueva. (Arutz-7)

NEW IN THE WHITE HOUSE: BIBLE STUDIES: Senior cabinet members are holding weekly sessions dedicated solely to Bible (both Old and New Testament) studies. Ralph Drollinger, a retired NBA player, who has taught weekly Bible lessons in the Senate and the House of Representatives and initiated religious studies in the USA House of Representatives of about 40 American states, recently began a weekly class of about 12 members of the Cabinet. The meetings are headed by Vice President Mike Pence, whose passion for Bible study is well known. Drollinger said that "these are likely the first of its kind in almost 100 years." (Arutz-7) As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish… so shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” Isa. 55: 10-11

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