Israeli Passover Seder at UN Draws 60 Envoys

“Praise be to the Lord God, our Savior who daily bears our burdens.” Ps 68:1

ISRAELI PASSOVER SEDER AT UN DRAWS 60 ENVOYS: A model pre-Passover Seder conducted by Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon was attended by more than 60 ambassadors and senior diplomats from all over the world last week in honor of the Passover holiday. “While we are preparing to celebrate the Festival of Freedom and the struggle of the ancient Jews against bondage and slavery, the Iranian regime continues to threaten Israel and to spread terror throughout the Middle East,” Danon told the attendees. The Seder was organized by Israel’s Mission to the United Nations, in cooperation with the European Coalition for Israel, and included ambassadors from four continents. Founding Director of the European Coalition Tomas Sandell stressed the importance of the experience, noting that it would “help explain, among many other things, the long and unbroken connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.” (Algemeiner)

70TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION FOR ISRAEL IN LONDON: Vision for Israel is having a 70th birthday celebration for Israel in London on 12 May 2018. We request the pleasure of your company for the festivities. There will be prayer and intercession for the nation of Israel, special times of praise and worship, a great teaching on Israel and the fulfillment of prophecy. Speakers include Dennis Greenidge, David Hoffbrand, Rev. Jones Boateng, Derek Walker, Simon Barrett, Barry Segal, Naeem Shahbaz and Alistair Scott. Location: Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 3DW Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018, 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. For more information, you can go to our website, and click on events. Book before April 1st for 30% off! To obtain your tickets now go to: Or call the UK office on 01793 279 111. We hope to see you there!

HAMAS LAUNCHES CONFRONTATION CAMPAIGN ON ISRAEL’S BORDER: Hamas and other Palestinian terror organizations have begun mobilizing the Palestinian public to participate in a series of ongoing events that will take place over the course of six weeks. Hamas has called for thousands of Gaza residents, particularly women and children, to set up tent camps as close as they can to Israel's southern border. It is from these camps that the march toward and conflicts at the Israeli border fence have been launched. While the campaign is being presented to the world as a peaceful enterprise, there is no doubt that this latest Hamas ploy is aimed at igniting a violent confrontation with Israel. Israel has the full right to defend its borders, protect its citizens, and prevent illegal infiltration into its territory. Responsibility for any clashes that may arise will lie solely with Hamas and the other Palestinian organizations who have manufactured this entire campaign. Israel has no territorial claims on Gaza. Israel left Gaza in 2005. There is no occupation of Gaza. Nor is there any siege on Gaza. Tons of essential goods enter Gaza from Israel on a daily basis, while Israel also continues to provide for electric power and water. Restrictions are only placed on materials used for the military build-up of Hamas and other terror groups. (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

IDF SPOKESMAN: THIS IS A DEMONSTRATION OF TERROR: IDF Spokesman Ronen Manelis addressed on Friday afternoon 30 March, 2018 the disturbances on the Gaza border, stressing that the incident was not over. "This is a demonstration of terror in which some 30,000 demonstrators are taking part,” he said. "Every time there were attempts to harm the border fence, we harmed the terrorists," continued Manelis. "There were those who were injured during terror attacks on the fence, all of whom are between the ages of 18 and 30. Most of them are known to be terrorist operatives, with one of them being a senior member of Hamas. There is information about intentions to take advantage of this incident for terrorist purposes and large forces remain in the area for this reason," the IDF Spokesman added. The protesters burned tires and threw firebombs and rocks at the border and at IDF forces. Israel expects the demonstrations to continue for weeks. We are ready for any scenario,” an army official said as the Jewish holiday of Passover began Friday evening. (Arutz-7) Intercede according to scripture: “The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before your face; they shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.” Deut. 28:7

WHY FOOLISH GAZA WEEPS: About nine thousand Israeli residents within Gaza were instructed to leave the area or face eviction by the night of Tues. 9 Aug. 2005. Ariel Sharon who was then Prime Minister decided to test the hypothesis that Israelis could trade "land for peace." He ordered the evacuation of all Israelis from the Gaza Strip - forcibly removing those who refused to quietly leave homes, thriving businesses, community hubs and synagogues. He hoped Gaza would become a peaceful place for the Palestinians whose leaders would focus on economic development. Instead it led to wars between Gaza and Israel in 2008, 2012, and 2014. Gaza became a base for terrorist groups and to this day, Israel’s southern and coastal communities remain victims of on-going terrorist rocket fire and terrorist tunnel threats.

Residents of Jewish communities expelled during the 2005 Gaza Disengagement lost homes, thriving greenhouses and other agricultural businesses. Many of these tragic Jewish figures are still unemployed and living with their families in cramped caravans or small crowed apartments. Jewish refugees dispelled from their land by the Sharon Administration left behind empty houses and mature enterprises for Gaza Arabs to take over. Thousands of Palestinians had years of experience working for Jewish employers. With innovation and work from Arab farmers, what the Jews left behind could have been a paradise of industry and financial support for Gazans. Instead they broke up greenhouses and sold the parts, neglected the agriculture and destroyed the houses. A few former Jewish worship centers – those that were left standing - continue to be used as terrorist training camps in which kidnapping and urban warfare is practiced. International funding, which could have helped Gaza to build, roads, parks, water facilities, schools and enterprises, have been used to purchase and smuggle military supplies to use against Israel. Gaza has torn down her own house, and her people weep. (JNN) “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down,” Prov. 14:1. “Gaza will shave her head in mourning”, Jer. 47:5.

DANON ON IRAN DEAL: IN 45 DAYS THE RULES OF THE GAME WILL CHANGE: Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon has cautioned the permanent members of the Security Council on the upcoming deadline regarding the Iranian nuclear deal. “We are now at a critical juncture. It is the last chance to correct the mistakes of the past and recognize that we all must set off on a new path aimed at reining in Iran’s reckless behavior. To the permanent members of this Council I have a simple message: do not miss this opportunity. In forty-five days the clock will run out and the rules of the game will change,” he said at a meeting of the Security Council. “You now have a choice to make. Either decide to work with the Americans and support their genuine efforts to make the Middle East a safer place - or choose Iran and enable a dangerous regime. I urge you to make the right choice,” added Danon. USA President Trump, who has blasted the 2015 nuclear deal as “the worst deal ever negotiated”, recently decided to extend a waiver on nuclear sanctions that were imposed on Iran. He made clear, however, that it would be the last time he will do so and ordered European allies and Congress to work with him to fix “the disastrous flaws” in the 2015 deal or Washington would withdraw. The deadline for the European signatories to the deal to fix it is 12 May, 2018. (Arutz-7)

CHRISTIANS FLEE PA OPPRESSION: Dr. Ephraim Herrera, an expert on Islamic studies, explained how Muslim oppression is causing Christians to leave the city of Bethlehem, where they were once the majority. "Before the Palestinian Authority took control of these territories, about 85% of the population of Bethlehem were Christian citizens, and now they are less than 10% because the Palestinians prevent them from applying their faith and performing their customs and their prayers," said Dr. Herrera. "Therefore, they fled from here." He pointed to nearby Beit Jala, which has a predominantly Christian population. "You see Beit Jala. I used to go there and to buy from Christians oil and eggs and we lived in peace with them. And now we cannot go there because they will kill me just for the fact I am a Jew. No Jew can live there. And the Christians are oppressed there.” He said the Palestinian Authority (PA) accuses Israel of committing the very crimes the PA itself commits. "Saeb Erekat, who belongs to the Fatah committee, said that we oppress the Christians in Israel. We are the only country in which the Christians live in peace and they can have their faith and practice it in all the Middle East." (Arutz-7) Urgent is the need for ongoing intercession for the plight of persecuted Christians in PA and Hamas controlled areas, plus across Islamist countries. Please pray for their protection and fair treatment.

SAUDI CROWN PRINCE HOLDS FIRST-EVER MEETINGS WITH JEWISH LEADERS: Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman met with a number of Jewish leaders on 28 March, 2018 in New York, Bloomberg reported. The visit was the first time the crown prince has met with any Jewish leaders. “The meeting emphasized the common bond among all people, particularly people of faith, which stresses the importance of tolerance, coexistence, and working together for a better future for all of humanity,” stated the Saudi Embassy. Mohammed Bin Salman has been in the United States for a three-week tour to meet with senior USA officials, including President Trump and Jared Kushner. In an interview last month with CBS, the Saudi royal vowed to build an atomic arsenal of his own should Iran get nuclear capabilities. “Saudi Arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bombs, but without a doubt if Iran developed a nuclear bomb, we will follow suit as soon as possible,” the Crown Prince said. Since his sudden appointment as Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed has consolidated power, announcing crackdowns on both terrorism and corruption. During an international business summit in Nov. 2017 he announced that the ultra-conservative kingdom would adopt a moderate and open interpretation of Islam. (Arutz-7/Blumbergs)

ISRAELI DOCTORS PERFORM LIFESAVING SPINAL SURGERIES IN ETHIOPIA: Eight Israeli doctors, two nurses and one physical therapist from the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem traveled on the mission last week to the city of Mekelle, in the African country’s north. The Israeli medical team performed five surgeries at the Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, which serves some 8 million patients but does not have a spine surgeon, according to Dr. Josh Schroeder, a spine surgeon at Hadassah who led the mission. The patients, all aged 18 and under, had spine deformities so severe that they were causing potentially lethal complications, including pressure on internal organs and lung infections. The surgeries were complex, with some taking eight hours. “The problem with pediatric cases is if you don’t treat them in time, they progress,” he said, “and these cases were so bad that if we wouldn’t have operated on these children, at least half of them would be dead by next year.” In addition to performing the surgeries, the Israelis also provided medical training to Ayder staff. (JTA)

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