Iran Tests War Tactics On Israel

“Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.” Ps. 121:4

IRAN TESTS WAR TACTICS ON ISRAEL: On Saturday morning 10 Feb. 2018 an Iranian drone took off from the T4 airbase deep in the Syrian province of Homs. The drone was spotted by Israel, and residents across the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley were awakened by air raid sirens which sounded when the UAV was intercepted near the Israeli town of Beit She’an by an Apache attack helicopter. In response, Israeli jets took off to strike the launch site of the drone and were met by massive Syrian anti-aircraft fire. The pilots of one of the Israeli F16s recognized that one missile had locked onto their aircraft and the two pilots ejected from the jet, which crashed in the lower Galilee. The incident was viewed as a significant event by both the IDF and the state, which warned that the Iranians and Syrians were “playing with fire.” The incident in and of itself is a serious event and raises questions as to whether the drone was used as bait by the Iranians to drag Israeli jets into Syria, whose air defenses were laying in wait for them. Saturday marked the first time that Israel lost an aircraft in a combat situation since 2006, when an Israeli helicopter was shot down over Lebanon.

After the jet crashed on 10 Feb. 2018 Israel carried out another wave of strikes, hitting 12 targets in Syria, including three Syrian SA5 and SA17 air defense batteries and four Iranian targets. The eight Israeli jets were met again by anti-aircraft fire, leading to another round of air-raid sirens across the Golan Heights. According to IDF Brigadier-General Ronen Manelis, between 15-20 anti-aircraft missiles were fired at Israeli jets, with several falling in open territory in the north of the country. “The Iranians are raising the stakes of the bet,” Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Yossi Kuperwasser, said on Saturday. “Since the Iranians were facing Israeli efforts to prevent them from having what they want, they are now trying to do things they haven’t done before,” Kuperwasser said, “including what we saw today an attempt to strike and attack inside Israel using unmanned aerial vehicles.” (J.Post) Intercede for the wisdom and strategy of the Israeli government, and its intelligence and security forces to know how to deal with the highly volatile situation that is escalating on Israel’s northern border. Pray for God’s divine protection over the entire country at this time.

TENSIONS SPIRALING ON ISRAEL’S NORTHERN BORDER: Tensions on Israel’s northern border have been increasing in recent months as Israel fears Iran is entrenching itself deeper into war-torn Syria with its presence on Israel’s borders growing in strength. Israeli PM Netanyahu recently visited Moscow to reiterate Jerusalem’s concerns about Iranian hegemony in the region and the risk it poses for escalations and instability. Russia views Iran as a key player in resolving the crisis in Syria, but with today’s events, the message Israel passed to Tehran via Moscow was either not received or was ignored by the Islamic Republic, which is investing serious efforts in how Syria will look once the disastrous war ends. According to Yossi Kuperwasser, former director-general of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, Moscow is “being used by the Iranians,” securing Assad regime bases while Tehran continues to strengthen their hold in Syria. Russia is, in a way, becoming the useful idiot of the Iranians,” he said. “We have to be careful about what Syria will look like when it is controlled by Iran. We got a taste of it this morning,” Kuperwasser said. (J.Post)

HEZBOLLAH SAYS DOWNING OF ISRAELI JET MARKS 'NEW STRATEGIC PHASE': Lebanon's Hezbollah terrorist organization said on Saturday 10 Feb. 2018 that the downing of an Israeli F-16 jet by Syrian forces marks a "new strategic phase" that the group says will limit "Israeli exploitation" of Syrian airspace. "Today's developments mean the old equations have categorically ended," the heavily-armed Shi'ite Muslim movement said in a statement. Hezbollah is part of a military alliance supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad. Earlier on Saturday, Israel shot down an Iranian drone flying in its air space and launched attacks on Syrian and Iranian positions in Syria. They were met with heavy anti-aircraft fire, and an Israeli jet was shot down. According to a senior Air Force official, the attack was the "most extensive" since Israel's war with Lebanon in 1982. (J.Post)

CONDITION OF SERIOUSLY INJURED IAF PILOT IMPROVES: Rambam Medical Center Director Professor Rafael Beyar reported an improvement in the condition of the two IAF pilots whose F-16I "Sufa" fighter jet was shot down by Syrian surface-to-air missiles Saturday 10 Feb. 2018. The pilots ejected from their plane after it was hit. "The condition of the pilot who was seriously injured has stabilized, and there has been an improvement," Beyar said. "We are optimistic. The pilot who was lightly injured will probably be released tomorrow." An IDF spokesperson said the missiles were fired after the plane attacked Iranian targets in retaliation for an Iranian drone which penetrated Israeli airspace overnight. The drone did not cause any injuries or damage, but roads leading to the area were closed off. An IAF aircraft downed the Iranian drone, which entered Israeli airspace from Syria. Air raid sirens sounded in the Golan Heights and the Beit She'an Valley after Syrian anti-aircraft missiles were fired. The IDF emphasized that the Iranian aircraft were identified by the IDF's air defense systems early on, and were tracked until they were shot down. The IDF also said that they attacked Iranian targets in Syria as a response to recent events. "The IDF sees the Iranian attack and Syrian response as a severe and unusual breach of Israeli sovereignty. The IDF is closely following events and is fully ready to continue operating according to decisions and what is necessary." (Arutz-7) Please continue to pray for the full recovery of the pilot who was seriously injured. It is an answer to many prayers that his condition has already improved.

ISRAEL DEMANDS UN SECURITY COUNCIL TO ‘PUT AN END TO IRANIAN PROVOCATION’: Israel asked the UN Security Council on 10 Feb. 2018 to condemn Iran after an Iranian drone was shot down over Israeli territory earlier in the day. The Israeli ambassador to the UN called on the panel to "put an end to Iranian provocations. This is not the first time that we have warned you of Iran’s dangerous actions that undermine the situation in our region," ambassador Danny Danon wrote in the letter. "Israel will defend its citizens and will not tolerate any violation of its sovereignty. I call on the Security Council to condemn this dangerous act and to put an immediate end to Iranian provocations. Security Council members must not stand idly by while Iran is instigating dangerous escalations and violating Security Council resolutions." Russia, a member of the Security Council, expressed serious concerns about the latest developments in Syria and called on the sides to exercise restraint and avoid an escalation of the situation. (Ha’aretz)

BRITISH GIRL UNDERGOES SPECIAL SURGERY IN ISRAEL TO KEEP HER LEG: A 6-year-old British girl has undergone special surgery in Israel that will allow her to keep her leg and her doctor called it a success. Kyra Warrell, of Brighton, located on the south coast of England, is afflicted with proximal focal femoral deficiency, which will leave her left leg about 8 inches shorter than her right if left untreated. The surgery took place on 4 Feb. 2018 at Rambam Hospital in Haifa. Dr. Dror Paley, an Israeli-born physician who is internationally recognized for his expertise in limb lengthening and reconstruction, told the London-based Jewish Chronicle that Kyra will be ready for a more difficult leg-lengthening surgery next year. (INN)

ONLY 50% OF HAREDI MEN WORK: Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) released a report showing that the percentage of haredi men in the workforce dropped over the past year to just above 50%. According to the CBS, 51.7% of haredi men were employed in 2016, whereas 50.3% were employed in 2017. The Israel Democracy Institute's Dr. Gilad Malach believes the drop is due to the fact that married yeshiva students once again qualify for welfare, and daycare subsidies for working women are no longer contingent on the husband working at least 10 hours a week. In addition, the stipend for married yeshiva students doubled. There is also a special stipend for yeshiva students whose wives do not work. He said the subsidies "allow haredi men to postpone entering the workforce" and that "when the right hand helps haredim find employment and the left hand causes them to remain in yeshiva, the result is a standstill and even a decline in the number of employed haredim." (Arutz-7) What a shame is this report regarding the integrity of haredi men who prefer to live off the government or expect their wives to support them while they “study Torah”. However, because the ultra Orthodox religious parties wield so much power in the government, such things happen on behalf of those who they represent. Meanwhile the disabled in Israel, many of who are unable to work, and who have been promised an increase in their meager monthly stipends for months have received not a single shekel towards their needs. Please intercede that this shameful situation will change quickly, that haredi men will go to work to meet their family’s needs and that the poor and disabled will receive the help they need for food, housing, medical expenses and all that pertains to daily life. “Six days you shall labor, but on the seventh day you shall rest.” Ex. 34:21. “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat” 2 Thess. 3:10

RARE ROMAN MOSAIC, FEATURING TOGA-WEARING FIGURES, DISCOVERED IN ISRAEL: Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered a rare multicolored Roman mosaic featuring three toga-wearing figures during excavations in the ancient city of Caesarea. The mosaic, which dates back to the 2nd or 3rd-century A.D. measures around 11.5 feet by 26 feet. “It features three figures, multicolored geometric patterns and a long inscription in Greek,” explained Dr. Peter Gendelman excavation director for the Israel Antiquities Authority. “The figures, all males, wear togas and apparently belonged to the upper class. The central figure is frontal and the two other face him on either side.” The mosaic has been damaged by a building that was constructed on top of it during the Byzantine period about 1,500 years ago. The identity of the figures also remains a mystery. “If the mosaic was part of a mansion, the figures may have been the owners,” explained the archaeologists, in the statement. “If this was a public building, they might have represented the donors of the mosaic or members of the city council.”

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